Go Vintage – 5 Home Decor Ideas For Those Who Love Vintage

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If the adage “old is gold” is anything to go by, then opting for vintage artifacts to adorn your home is the way to go. A home with a vintage decor holds a certain old world charm that appeals to every being. From among family heirlooms to flea markets, one may find items that belong to an era gone by. Getting the right look and feel for your home is essential; your home is where you spend the most amount of quality time and a soothing ambience is what you need. Read on to find out some great vintage home decor ideas that you could make use of.

The Door Bell

Vintage Door Bell @TheRoyaleIndia

Welcome your guests to your home in a truly vintage style. Add a door bell that epitomizes the bygone era in every way possible. Let the doorbell be the gateway to the past. A vintage doorbell looks elegant and serves as a warm welcome to anyone who enters. You could also add a wooden nameplate with brass or gold writing to enhance the entrance of your home. Furthermore, you could choose a bell attached to a string that rings each time it is pulled. You could add a knocker to the door with maybe a lion or a flower motif.

Vintage Styled Screen

Vintage Style Screen @TheRoyaleIndia

Need privacy? Or separate different areas of the room? Well, pick a vintage styled screen and not only will your purpose be served but also your room will have an added touch of vintage sophistication. Add one to your living room to separate it from the sitting room. Or place it in your bedroom next to a dressing table for ease of access and use.


Home Decor Gramaphone @TheRoyaleIndia

For music fans and lovers of all things classic, a gramophone is a good investment for their home. It is not difficult to find a restored gramophone that still plays well. You could place it in your sitting room for everyone to see or maybe in the study for a more personal amusement. The bedroom is a good idea too provided it complements the rest of the room.


Vintage Telephone @TheRoyaleIndia

Who hasn’t watched black-and-white films and wondered how beautiful that antique looking telephone in the movie was? Those numbers keys that would encircle the whole dial that are connected with a very rustic looking gold or copper receiver are our idea of vintage phones.


Vintage Chandelier @TheRoyaleIndia

Another very popular choice of vintage telephone is the ‘candlestick’ one which requires the user to hold the dial in one hand and the receiver in another… Whenever the phone rings, you will be transported to another era. Such phones can be put next to some complementing antique looking sofa set in the living room or again, in the study. Some variations of these phones can be mounted on the wall too.

What’s a vintage themed house without a magnificent chandelier? Pick a crystal or wrought- iron chandelier with candle holders and you are all set for a romantic evening with your loved one or even a classy evening party.

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