Go eco-friendly not just with Ganesha but its decor too

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1. Wall Unit

When celebration, fun, dance, get-together, shlokas and yum food comes all together, it is the sign that Lord Ganesha has arrived. Ganeshotsav is one festival that is much awaited by not just Maharashtrians but also by people country wide for it is festival that is celebrated with full zest. But at the end of the festival it is much noticeable on how the environment is polluted; especially at the places where in the Ganesh idols are immersed. An eco friendly Ganesha will surely reduce the pollution to a great level but the decorations used are still there to further pollute the area.

With growing awareness people have started switching to eco friendly Ganesha. Now, it’s time that they choose eco friendly decorations as well. The best part of having eco friendly decorations besides saving the environment is that it will save lot of money and give way to explore your creativity to the fullest. Here are few ideas that can be used to decorate the Ganapati at your house in an eco friendly way:

wall unit eco friendly ganpati @TheRoyaleIndia

2. Clay

Every house will have a wall unit or a TV unit these days. Apart from having your television on the unit, why not use it as Ganapati unit? It will not just be the house for Ganapati but the Television behind can be used as great wallpaper. A pen drive consisting of beautiful wallpapers could be attached to the television with an active slideshow of those pictures. Then see the magic on how you can see a different decoration for the Ganapati every minute. The wall unit could be further decorated with flowers of ribbons to add to the beauty.

clay eco friendly ganpati @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Cloth

If you are fond of making clay items, why not use it to decorate Ganapati! One can make a fort like model; like the one made for Diwali to blast crackers or a model of mountain with fake waterfalls. To add to the beauty one can paint it and even after the festival, it will be a show piece adding beauty to the decor of your home.

cloth eco friendly ganpati @TheRoyaleIndia

4. Plants

If you have a beautiful bed sheet, saree, carpet or any other cloth that can add beauty to the background of the Ganesha Idol, try using that. All you have to do is hang it behind the Ganapati like a curtain or any other wall hanging. You can also give a twist to it by making fleets of the cloth. After the festival the cloth goes back to the wardrobe.

plants eco friendly ganpati @TheRoyaleIndia

5. Hay stack or bamboo sticks

Plants do not just add beauty to the idol but also give a dramatic look of Ganapati resting below a tree. If you have plants that can be kept indoor for few days with beautiful leaves then try this way of decorating your Ganapati. In true sense this will be the most eco-friendly idea to decorate the Ganapati.

hay stacks eco friendly ganpati @TheRoyaleIndia

Arrange few bamboo sticks or hay stacks and build a house for your Ganapati. The final output is sure to impress your lord for the house that you will provide him. To make it colorful you can also paint it to give a natural look and after the festival it can house toys, books or even pets if you have any.

If you care for the environment, show your care by this small initiative of having an eco friendly decoration for your Ganapati this year. More so, we also have listed 10 other creative ways you could use for Ganpati Decoration. Read them here. 🙂

6. Ganpati Decoration with Glitter Papers and Tissue Cloth

If you want a contemporary or unique decoration theme for your loving Lord Ganpati, then try out the innovative fairy tale theme. Plan an ideal sitting space for the lord right in the centre and décor it from all around with artificial grass and flowers to give it a completely unique look. Just think about your favorite fairy tale and plan the décor accordingly. You can make artificial flowers in different colors with use of stockings, papers, glitters, and shiny tissue cloth. Add a glamor to your décor with beautiful butterflies made with acyclic sheets. Place the stuff in an interesting way and add some charm by offering light.


Image credits – Pinterest

7. Using Eco-Friendly Peacock Feathers

Remember the times when your favorite mehndi art work used to include different poses of peacock. Although artificial, they would deliver a charm of real dancing and smiling peacocks on your hands. Use this creativity in an innovative way by planning a peacock decoration theme for the Ganpati. While you need to use the peacock feathers available in the market, you can make peacock faces and add some more design to it with use of thermocol. Use a cabinet to place the Ganeshji and now décor the entire cabinet with peacocks and their feathers creating a balanced and unique pattern. This is one of the simplest and unique decoration ideas for which you just need peacock cutouts from thermocol and peacock feathers. You can always use glitters and decorative embellishments in order to enhance the look of your décor.


Image credits – homemakeover.in

8. Creating Village Theme with Bamboo and Straw

The more you make it natural, the better it would be. Placing the Ganpati idol in an elaborated village hut made with bamboo poles, straw, and grass is an excellent way to décor Ganpati this year. It is not only an environment-friendly idea, but also a budget-friendly one that would deliver a sense of calmness and simplicity in the entire area. You can prepare a roof hut easily with the straws linked together and preparing straw mats in order to create walls. If you are an expert, then you can even do some interesting mural work on the walls and floor in order to add more beauty to the overall décor. Lit diyas, hang lanterns, create artificial grass floor, and décor it with artificial animals, like cows, and wells, in order to complete the perfect village look.


Image credits – sankashtichaturthi.com

9. Eco-Friendly Decoration with Clay and Painting Colors

If you are looking for an absolutely eco-friendly and charming décor theme that is simple to prepare yet delivers a magnetism appeal, then try for the elegant Himalayas theme. Think about Ganesh Ji resting in between the Himalayas. All you need to do is build huge hills with mud and clay that can be shaped into mountains. Once the mixture gets dried, you can paint it with white color and add shine with silver color. Make sure that the shape and painting of the hills is done properly. You can even add other embellishments like a cow, mouse, and flowers in order to complete the look. Add decorated steps made out of thermocol to your décor to create such a theme.


Image credits – pritsganeshfestival.blogspot.in

10. Make Ganpati Castle with Mount Board

Lord Ganpati is a King and is known for his knowledge and wisdom. You can add more glamor to this appeal by planning a castle or royal décor theme. Make a castle or palace with use of hardboard. You can even use mount board if the hardboard is not available. You can décor the castle with small flags, artificial statues of soldiers, and canon made out of the same board. Add definition to each item and even to the castle with use of painting colors and sketch pens. Even statues of royal horses and elephants can also be placed right in front and below the Ganpati idol in order to show him gratitude. Think of planning the décor in as much royal way as possible, and you will end up with a charismatic décor for the Ganpati.

11. Make Beautiful Themes with Eco-Friendly Thermocol

You must be using thermocol for making your school projects and so you must be aware of its efficiency and versatility. Thermocol is lightweight and this is what that makes it perfect to recreate distinct styles and patterns that are easy on hand and less time-consuming. Think of a unique pattern, which you can always get online and jot it down correctly on the thermocol. Either leave the thermocol pattern unpainted in order to avail a simple decoration or color it with different colors for a bright and colorful décor. You can even add lights in the background the give a unique effect. Decorate your pattern with various types of embellishments. You can easily stick the decorative elements to the thermocol with glue. Once your decoration is completed, place the idol of Ganpati in the center and lit up the lights in the background.


Image credits – homemakeover.in

12. Ganpati Decoration with Sugarcane Sticks

While planning a green decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi, you can choose the beautiful patterns and designs made with sugarcane sticks. These sticks are not just friendly to the environment but are also considered holy for worshipping the god. You can create a highly impressive décor with use of these sticks without using the plastic painting colors. This is a great way to ensure that your decoration is unique and good for the environment. The best part is that it is friendly to the budget as well.

13. Ganpati Decoration with Fruits

If you are not an expert in terms of creativity, drawing, and painting, then no need to feel bad as you can always add uniqueness to your Ganpati decoration with tasty fruits around us. There is a big variety of fruits available that you can include in your decoration. Once the festivity is over you can distribute these fruits as a Prasad and can even consume them considering the token of blessings from Lord Ganpati. This is an exclusive way and you can plan truly distinct themes with use of varieties of fruits. It is easy on the budget and the fruits can even be decorated with different decorative elements. Just make sure you pick fruits that can last long.

14. Ganpati Decoration with Eco-Friendly Candles

No, you don’t have to light up the candles as they will melt and deform in shape. But yes, you can use the different varieties of scented candles available in the market in order to plan an absolutely unique Ganpati decoration. There are candles available in various colors, sizes, and designs. You can pick a couple of them and place them in an innovative way to complete the decoration. There are also candles available that are fitted with bulbs. Just place few such candles in between the others and light them up to have a sparkling and fragrance full decoration for the Ganpati.

15. Ganpati Decoration with Gift Wrapping Sheets

When you think about wrapping sheets, then you only consider it as a sheet for wrapping gifts. But this sheet is more versatile and can be used as a core element for decorating the place for Ganpati this year. You can crumble the sheet, roll them in small balls, make distinct shapes, and can even paint it in distinct colors. Just create a background with thermocol or hardboard, whichever you like and decorate it with wrapping sheet, used in various styles and patterns. You can even use simple plates and cover them with wrapping sheet in order to create a lavish backdrop for the Ganpati.

16. Bamboo Straw Decoration

If you are ready to amaze Ganpati with your hard work and creativity then you can opt for the seamless plastic straw decoration. These straws can be bent and twisted to form different patterns and shapes in order to create a majestic décor appearance. You may select a board for the platform and decorate it with colorful straws for a decorative sitting for the Ganpati. Then you can place these straws and link them to each other in different ways to create various patterns. This might be a tough one for you, but it is really worth the hard work and time.

17. Create Clouds and Stars with Different Types of Papers

If you want to light up your space then plan Ganpati decoration with artificial sky, stars, and moon. You can use any of your favorite material to make the clouds and décor it with glittering stars cutouts. Plan a moon cutout and decorate it beautifully. This could be even used for creating a beautiful backdrop of the Ganpati. This is a simple yet glittering decoration theme that you can prepare even in a day time. The best thing is that you can always ask help of your kids to prepare the beautiful stars and clouds needed for decorating purposes.


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