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Have you ever thought what makes a gift special? It’s a simple answer really – A gift makes the recipient feel special and wanted!

Humans, by nature, yearn for love and care and gifting is one of the best ways of expressing one’s feelings to others. Well, the feel-good factor increases all the more when it is a surprise gift!

Gone are those days when the only option to shop gifts for your loved ones was walking miles and miles from shop to shop. Now, these gifts are at your fingertips. Thanks to online shopping websites!

Few things to note while choosing a gift –

1. Age appropriate– Gifts have to be age appropriate. After all, you wouldn’t want to gift that hiking boots to your ailing aunt

2. Individual preferences– knowledge of personal preferences of the recipient not only makes the selection process simple, but also puts you across as someone who is observant and concerned about other people’s preferences.

3. Personality – After all, you want the recipient to be proud of your gift and strut around with it.. not stash it in the closet, never to see the light of the day.

4. Occasion specific– Gifts are exchanged essentially to mark an occasion. So, Act & choose accordingly.

Bare these in mind, and prepare a list of possible gift items and then start browsing. These five sites can help you pick the perfect gift for your loved ones.


easy gifts with giftease @TheRoyaleIndia

This is a Pune based gift portal through which the customers can redeem the offer of physical gifting as gift vouchers are available.

giftease for easy gifting @TheRoyaleIndia


With the provision of personalization of gift items, now you can “gift” with “ease” (as the name suggests)!

II. –

amazing gifts indiangiftsportal @TheRoyaleIndia

IGP, a Noida based site, has a wide array of gift products and brings forth brand new gifting ideas. It has won the E-gifting Retailer of the Year Award in the year 2013.

gifts for him or her @TheRoyaleIndia


Another promising feature of this site is that it has gifts that suit every Indian festival like Karvachauth or Rakhi.

III. –

archies gifts @TheRoyaleIndia

For all those who love to visit Archies retail outlets to purchase gifts for your Valentine can do the same through their online gift portal.

corporate archies gift @TheRoyaleIndia

Anil Moolchandani, the founder, began on a small scale which grew fast and now has become a household name.

wonderful archies gifts @TheRoyaleIndia


Archies has achieved the license for companies like Garfield, Hallmark and Smiley World. Here you can browse gifts for almost all occasions and avail few exciting deals. Archies has its own charm and is enough to buy a quick smile on your girlfriend’s face.

IV. –

giveter gifts @TheRoyaleIndia


This grew in popularity phenomenally because of its wide range of gift items. It has a tie-up with country’s most popular brands like Ferns and Petals

funky gifts @TheRoyaleIndia


Happily Unmarried, Caratlane, and Flipkart.

romantic gifts @TheRoyaleIndia


Its integration with Facebook makes it standout and one can easily get the reviews for any given gift.

V. –

giftstoindia24x7 gifts @TheRoyaleIndia


This site has the record of generating more than 300,000 happy customers due to its exceptional assortment of gift items and the facility of same day delivery.

gift ideas giftstoindia24X7 @TheRoyaleIndia

This has made gifting of cakes, fresh flowers and chocolates a tension-free and rather fun-filled task.

Next time, when it is time to gift, explore the options on theses websites (& compare) to make your best choice. Chose a gift that conveys the emotion you nurture towards the recipient. Gift is about gifting, make the thought within unravel as he/she unwraps your gift.

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