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Beaches! They are answers to all the agony that one goes through- summer heat, stressful week at work, mundane routine and expensive dream holiday destinations. You have to simply visit the beach, spot you favourite area, unfold your towels and you are all set for a memorable day. It really is that simple to unwind at the beach. However, it would be very unfortunate that as you laze around and suddenly, you realize that you have forgotten something back at the house. Hence, befoe heading to long or short vacation to the beach tick of the following check list, so you have whale of a time!

Water – On an average every adult should drink 8 glasses of water every day. Moreover, the amount of water consumed increases when you are out in the sun.

Umbrella and Hats – You should carry an umbrella and hat out on the beach, as it is a perfect way to keep you and loved ones away from that harsh sunlight.

Water jug for sandy feet – If you don’t want to return home with half of the beach on your legs then remember keeping a jug of water with you. This will help you in washing off those sandy feet, before entering the car.

Change of clothes – You might have memories of semi-wet people climbing into your car. Since most of us dislike spoiling the interiors of our car, we suggest you to carry a quick change of clothes with you.

Chairs – If you are one of those who not literally ON the beach, you should always carry a beach chair with you to laze around!

Radio – Listening to your favourite radio station is one of the best ways to drown out those irritating beach neighbours. You can carry that stylish an iPod stereo of yours or the little music box.

Entertainment – Don’t forget bringing footballs, Frisbees, bocce balls, badminton, bat and ball or any other game activities, which your entire family can enjoy. So what are you waiting for go have a blast at the beach?

First Aid Kit – You should always keep a little first aid kit in your bag or at least in your car. You will be truly surprised to find out how handy that will be.

Beach blanket – If you do not have a blanket, make sure you buy one before your trip. Preferably purchase a beach blanket in vibrant colours. You can opt for a nylon blanket as it is a quick dry material and is easy to clean. These blankets are foldable as well and are easy to carry.

Suntan lotion – Lastly, a sun tan lotion is a must carry in your beach bag, in case you forgot this item you will definitely end up getting sun burn. Ensure checking the SPF in your sun tan lotion, this will help in protecting your skin from the harmful UV sunrays.

So next time you make a plan for the beach trip, ensure checking the above checklist. This will help will to carry all the important things you need for a beach trip in summer and later not regret throughout the trip.

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