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You have always wanted to express but never found the right words. You always knew what you wanted to say but never found the right opportunity. You wished to surprise her but the long distance was always a problem-If these are the obstacles between you and the love of your life, then its time you overcome them on the Valentine’s Day. What better way to express your love than by the language of flowers?

So this Valentine’s Day just pop in before your loved one with the bunch of happiness in your hand that is sure to impress her. If you cannot be physically present, online florists like Ferns n Petals will do the magic and Couponraja will always help you with the best deal. But how do you decide which flowers to buy? Here is a zodiac-sign-wise guide to warm the heart of your loved one.


Honeysuckle flower for Aries Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

At times egoistic and impatient, Aries are known to be born with leadership qualities. This fire sign that carry confidence and dynamic energy are also true adventurers. Their fiery natures stand out in the crowd but once their anger is spent, the sign reverts to his almost child-like lovable ways. So if you really want to impress an Aries you will have be appeal its inner fire with flowers that would bring down the fire on knees to fall in love with you.

Flowers: Daffodils, Tulips and Honey suckle


Red rose for the stubbor and sensual Taurean @TheRoyaleIndia

Taurians are known to be stubborn but most definitely they have a sensuous and sensitive side too. This earthy sign is steady, patient, and reliable and enjoys the finer things in life. One of the best persons to trust on, taurians are romantic and light hearted who love lots of colours in their life. Rose flowers are the best option to impress this stubborn character.

Flower: Red Rose


Orchids - The perfect gift for your Gemini partner @TheRoyaleIndia

This twin faced airy element is a happy-go-lucky talkative person who can be a restless wind at moment and at the very next moment, seem to be as calm as a sea. Difficult to predict, Geminis are deeply expressive and introspective, yet also have a creative and lively imagination. Highly passionate about things that they love, Geminis can easily fall in love with the person who would express the love in just the right way.

Flowers: Orchids, Gerbers and Lilies


White Rose as a gift to your Cancerian partner @TheRoyaleIndia

Highly emotional, Cancerians take great pleasures in comforts of home and family. A lover of serene and harmonious life, this watery signs take a liking for anything that is white in colour and reflects peace. Highly choosy in their choices, they are hard to impress. But with a tinge of love and peaceful approach and a bunch of white roses or lilies can surely make them fall for you for the rest of their live.

Flowers: White Rose, Lilies


Sunflowers Perfect gift for Leo @TheRoyaleIndia

This bold feiry sign is a born ruler who loves to be the center of attention all the time. Achieving the spot light is what they aim at. Getting showered with compliments and love is how they love to live the life. Impressing them is not difficult at all they are always ready to get pampered in affection. This sunny character can be best impressed with sunny flowers like marigold and sunflower that reflects their bold character as well.

Flowers: Marigold, Sunflower


Blue Hydrangeasare for Virgo Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Perfectionist is what they love to be, Virgos simply love indulging their practical and logical side of life. This earth sign pays attention to the detailing of everything that interests them. They are known to be reflective, analytical, organized and thoughtful in everything they do. One will have to fully prepared in perfection to impress a virgo. Small bright flowers is what catches the interest of a virgo hence drop in with a bunch of blue hydrangeasare or butter cup flowers that will just be perfect to impress this perfectionoist.

Flowers: Blue Hydrangea, Butter Cup


BlueBells Flower for Libra Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Being balanced is what the Librans like to be, for which most of the times, they choose to be diplomatic. Truth and justice are deeply important to Librans but their emotions are usually invisible. Their energy is smooth and airy and they feel most complete when coupled with their lover. So if you wish to make a Libran comfortable in your company make them fall in love with you with blue bells flowers or large roses.

Flowers: Blue Bell, Large Roses


Gladiolus Flower for Scorpio Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Scorpions are best described as being mysterious. They are intense and highly passionate about love to the level of being possessive. Highly stubborn, scorpions are also known to be intelligent and fearless. This strong-willed mysterious character stop at nothing once determined. So if you successfully impress a scorpion, you can be sure of being with the person for the rest of the life. Deep red roses which are just as intense as their nature will be the best option to impress a scorpion, besides, gladiolus and deep red geraniums will also do the magic.

Flowers: Deep Red Roses, Gladiolus, Deep Red Geraniums


Carnations for Sagittarius Zodiac sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Impatient is what describes a Sagittarian in the best way. Deeply intellectual, they are bright and futuristic too. They have a strong energy about them and always seek out adventure and exploration. Their philosophical, ambitious and determined nature impresses people around very soon. Life will be boring if you don’t have at least one Sagittarian in your life.  Purple and pink flowers like iris and carnations are the best one’s to impress a Sagittarian.

Flowers: Iris, Carnations


Pancy and Ivy Flowers for Capricon Zodiac-Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Always practical in their life, Capricons are very strong willed and disciplined in life. When they focus on a particular goal, they will sure that they achieve it. They always try to be secure, well established and successful in life and expect the same from their partner. Bright coloured flowers that seem happy and bring colours in life are the kind of flowers that could impress capricon. Pansy and Ivy flowers are an example that could do the magic.

Flowers: Pansy and Ivy


Orchid for Aquarius Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

Most thoughtful and loving, aquarius people are very passionate and faithful to the people they love. Their forward thinking in life helps them in achieving success. Individualism and freedom is what they constantly seek for themselves. The underlying romantic feeling of a Aquarius born person can be best triggered with beautiful orchid flowers in a non-conventional way.

Flower: Orchid


Water Lillies for Pisces Zodiac Sign @TheRoyaleIndia

A good listener and an understanding person, Piscean is the kind of the friend anybody would want to have. A comedian too, Piscean just knows how to keep the partner happy. This water signed person goes by what his heart says and not by the logic. They give most importance to their instincts and to strike the right chord of this compassionate person, water lilies are the best option.

Flower: Water Lilies

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