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When was the last time you got yourself a good hairbrush? Legend says that you should brush your locks 100 times a day, but we don’t remember any mention of which brush to use. With so many different styles on the market, it is difficult to determine which brush does what, not to mention bristles! The amount of money spent in buying expensive haircare products would amount to nothing if we aren’t using the right hairbrush suited to our hair. Based on your hair texture, length and the style you wish to go for, choose the right hair brush for yourself. Here’s a guide…

Natural Bristle Brush

Natural bristle Hairbrush @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Fine And Straight Hair

Comb it: The natural bristle brush add a glossy finish to your hair. The hair brush is gentle on the hair and helps redistribute sebum throughout the strand to moisturise it. Stylists often use this one because of its versatility – it works for different hair textures, and styles. It is also used for brushing out curls and giving a lot of volume to straight blowouts.

Mixed Bristle Brush

Mixed bristle Hairbrush @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Normal to Thick hair
Comb it: Mixed bristle brush or porcupine brush has a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. It is  perfect for day-to-day use, as it combines the benefit of boar bristles with interspersed with nylon quills that help detangle coarser hair. The brush also helps in even distribution of natural oils  throughout your hair while stimulating circulation in the follicles.

Round Brush

Round brush for Blowouts @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Straight as well as Curly hair

Comb it: Create volume with round brush. Want to create a blow dry loo, a round brush is apt for styles with body and bend. Round brushes controls tension while styling, which is essential for building a style that lasts. They come in different sizes and the one you pick will dictate the size your blowout.

Paddle Brush

Paddle Hairbrush @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Straight hair

Comb it: Paddle brush smoothen the straight hair. The bristles of the paddle brush are soft, and the air-filled rubber cushion  bends with your scalp to lessen the damage caused due to pulling. This brush is best to use before flat ironing. It also massages the scalp, de-tangle and smoothens the straight hair.

Wide-tooth Comb

Wide tooth Hairbrush for detangling @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Frizzy hair

Comb it: Wet hair is fragile and if you are rough with it, your hair can break off. So don’t rip through your wet hair with a brush instead use a wide-toothed comb. A wide-toothed comb is something you can use for detangling, especially after you apply a conditioner, while you are in the shower.

Tail Comb

Fine Toothbrush for smooth hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Ideal For: Straight to wavy hair

Comb it: Use tail comb to smoothen or tease hair. If you wish to style bangs or perfectly part your hair while flat ironing, choose a fine-toothed comb. It can grab the root better to create more tension. Always choose a matte comb; shiny combs will not give you enough grip.

Before you decide to pick one the next time, keep these points in mind.

Hair Brush Cleaning Tips:

When was the last time you cleaned your hair brush? Every time you brush your hair, oils from your scalp as well as hair products cake up on the bristles of your brush. Hence it’s essential to sanitise your brush. Here’s an easy way to do it.

4 cups hot water
1/4 cup baking soda


  •     Use your fingers or a comb to remove hair from the bristles of your brushes.
  •     Fill a large jar with hot water. Stir in baking soda.
  •     Let brushes soak for one hour.
  •     Remove the brushes and scrub again to remove any remaining gunk.
  •     Air dry or use a blow dryer to dry the brush.


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