Get Ready To Bead It (6 Fashion Tips)

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Beads are in vogue since time immemorial. For some it’s a tradition and for some it spells style. Beads are extremely versatile which can give you an elegantly bold look. They give you the freedom to incorporate flashy colors in your wardrobe. Available in different shapes, materials and sizes, along with infinite options of hues, bead accessories are all-time must-haves in your trendy collection.

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Choose beaded accessories that suit your skin tone to enhance your look. Lighter skin tones look best in silver, while deeper skin tones look better with gold. If you have colored beads, try to match cooler skin tones with blue-based colors, and warmer skin tones with red or yellow-based colors. Smaller your structure, smaller the size of the beads you wear. A tiny woman wearing a giant beaded necklace is sure to be a fashion disaster. Do trust your personal style and set your own trends when treading the beaded land.

We present to you here some beaded fashion accessories that will do wonders for your already sparkling trousseau.

Necklace of Tiny Suns

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Your beaded collection is incomplete without a beaded necklace. Its value lies in its versatility. They blend well with a plethora of things. Jeans, skirts, dresses, traditional outfits….Just about anything! Wear a string of light colored beads (pearls, light pink) for a classic graceful look.

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Wear a string of bright colours for a happy summer look. Wear a single long loop or sport several loops – there is a galore of styling options when it comes to having beads around your neck. Classy with a mass appeal! Go ahead and choose the right one for you, as it is surely a winner.

Beaded Wrist

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Beaded bracelets can give you a cool and chic look and can be worn with a variety of stylish outfits and casual ensembles. It can jazz up your everyday dressing or spice up your party look. It suits all styles and budgets in addition to making an excellent gift idea. A variation could be to use a beaded bracelet watch. A watch that can be jewellery too!!!

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Priceless! Explore the DIY options and you will find different ways in which you could have watches with changeable beaded straps. Of course you can always head shopping for readymade options of your timeless piece of jewellery. Beaded cuffs and bangles are other accessories that can adorn your wrist. Sleek, contemporary or flashy- the material of the bead can create the look you ask for. Choose as per the occasion and your style and look every inch the trendy woman you are.

String of beaded grace – Anklets

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Anklets add a quirky charm with their funky styles and bright colours. Fine chains with sparkling stones add a feminine grace to the otherwise plain long legs. A single anklet can be worn especially with skirts, short dresses, and jeans and is a hot favourite for semi-formal or party wear. Beaded anklets with dangling crystal charms will do wonders for your party look.

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Simple strings embellished with few charms and beads look extremely stylish. A big fashion statement is beaded foot thongs. A simple maxi dress or short frilly skirts with these thongs will look ultra –modern and trendy. Enjoy all the attention with this little dash of beads.

Clutch The Beads

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A beaded clutch purse looks extremely glamourous. Carry a studded, fully beaded and colourful bag with a plain and solid outfit to look a chic fashionista. This accessory is sure to complement every on-trend look. The variety of shapes and colours can complement any attire .These embellished accessories can be used to instantly perk up your style and can strike an easy balance between street fashion and sophistication.

Beaded Footwear

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Beaded footwear is a highly fashionable styling element as it can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. Designed in various colours and materials, these can go well with traditional Indian outfits as well as with western attire.

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Ornately beaded work on footwear is the next in thing. They are capable of adding personality and are not too fussy. Pick up a right pair for you today and go glamorous!

Hair accessories and waist band are other beaded accessories that could further accentuate your looks.

Bead accessories can give you a mature look and can also give you a smart quirky look depending on the size, color and material of the beads. Coordinating it right with the overall outfit, keeping in mind the occasion you dress for, will just do the trick for you. A bead is really all you need! So go creative with beads…

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