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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest phone of the Note Series which comes with many features and customizations. It is very hard for one to remember all these settings and work efficiently. Some of the features may be hidden deep inside the settings menu that you may be unaware of. So to make your task easier, we have made a list of such customizations which will help you make your experience better with this device.

These settings don’t require any additional accessories, or any root permissions. So every user can try this on their device.

1. One Handed Use

Note 3 one handed use @TheRoyaleIndia

Due to the large 5.7 inch screen of Galaxy Note 3, it is not possible to use the device with one hand unless you have long thumb. So to make the task easier, we have a different mode for Single handed operation which can be turned on for ease of use. It has support for both left handed as well as right handed person.

STEPS: Settings -> Control -> One handed Operation Menu

2. Multi-Window feature

Samsung note 3 Multi Window @TheRoyaleIndia

We all love doing multitasking on our pc/laptops as it makes the task complete in less time with less efforts. Now we can have similar feature on our Note 3 called multi-window which allows you to open more than one app at a time. For example you can open messaging app along with browser to search or try some different combination. The huge screen of note 3 makes this feature more easy and useful.

STEPS: Settings -> Device -> Enable Multi-Window

3. Never lose S Pen

samsung note 3 s pen tip @TheRoyaleIndia

S Pen is one of the things that you don’t want to lose, as it is very helpful for using Note 3. Without it most of the features won’t work. So to avoid losing the S Pen, Note 3 has a feature which will notify whenever you walk out before putting the S Pen back. It will only notify when you do certain movement like getting up or walking.

STEPS: Settings -> Controls -> S Pen – > Check ‘S pen keeper’

4. Use Flash for call alert

Flash call alert note 3 @TheRoyaleIndia

Sometimes we are in a situation where we cannot hear the ringtone and miss the notification. Here we can use this feature that will use camera’s flash to notify us of any incoming call or message. This feature was first available for iPhone and now Note 3 users also have it.

STEPS: Settings -> Accessibility -> Check ‘Flash notification’ option

5. Turn off Apps

There are many default apps that we don’t use and they slow down our phone performance. You can easily turn off such apps to save space and boost speed of your device. But first clear data of the app, then turn it off.

Steps: Settings -> General Tab -> Application manager -> All -> Select App -> Clear data -> Turn off

6. Take a Quick Note

Quick note @TheRoyaleIndia

For taking a note, we had to traditionally unlock phone, then launch the note app to write down anything. But this task is easier in Note 3 with action memo feature. To use this you have to double tap on the screen with S Pen while holding the S Pen button. This feature can be used even if the screen is locked.

7. Control T.V. with your Note 3

Note 3 TV control @TheRoyaleIndia

Note 3 comes equipped with IR sensors which can send signal to your television. Using these sensors your device can easily communicate with T.V. and perform basic function of a remote control. To use this feature you need to start Samsung WatchON app, and then configure your TV with Note 3. Once it is configured, Note 3 will replace your remote control and make it easier for you to control your Telly.

Steps: Launch Samsung WatchON -> Configure -> Use

8. Gesture controls

smart gesture controls @TheRoyaleIndia

Gesture controls are the features which makes Note 3 a technology enhanced device. With just gesture of your hand you can control certain features on your device. You can accept calls, change music, browse through photos etc. Along with Gesture control we also have smart controls, that makes the device more user friendly and easy to use. Smart control includes air view, Hands free mode, smart stay, smart vibrations, and palm motion which makes Note 3 a “Smart” Phone in true sense.

Steps: Settings -> ‘Controls’ tab (Here you will find all gesture and smart controls)

9. Move cursor using keyboard

keyboard @TheRoyaleIndia

Moving your cursor in between a long string of text with precision can be difficult sometimes. Note 3 can help you move your cursor just by sliding finger across the keyboard. For example if you want to move your cursor to the right, slide finger from left to right on keyboard.

Steps: Samsung Keyboard Settings -> Keyboard swipe -> Check ‘Cursor Control’

10. Basic Mode

For all those out there who don’t want to deal with so many settings and customizations, we have one great feature for you. You can turn on ‘Easy Mode’ to hide all the options and settings, and make the device much easier to operate. It makes the user interface much cleaner and hides the extra settings.

Steps: Settings -> Device Tab -> Easy Mode -> On

These were the top 10 tips and tricks which can help to improve your experience with Note 3. Apart from this, there are much more customizations that you can do on Note 3. You can always search in the settings menu for certain feature you are looking for, and make the optimum use of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you found some other cool features, you can always share it in the comments section below.

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