Get Gorgeous Hair This Summer (Quick Tips)

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Gorgeous hair is the best revenge”- Ivana Trump

No, this isn’t the ‘Game of Thrones’. We do not fear winters. We fear summers and it’s here. For all the lovely ladies out there with beautiful hair; ‘Ladies! It’s time to cover up.’

Summers mean sun, wind, heat and everything your hair doesn’t need.

Here are 5 Do’s and Dont’s to help you stick to the best revenge – Gorgeous Hair

1. What NOT to DO: Use a thin brush

do not use a thin brush @TheRoyaleIndia

The hair is at its most vulnerable state during summers. Using a brush for dry hair would only make it worse and also result into a lot of hair loss. Also, thin brushes tend to tangle the already tangled hair, unless you have the patience of a statue (yes, a statue!).

What to DO: Use a wide tooth comb

Wide tooth comb is the best to use during summers since hair is usually dry and greasy. Using these would save the hair strands from breaking. Consider this as being nice to your hair.

2. What to DO: Tie a loose bun or a loose braid

loose burn hairstyles @TheRoyaleIndia

Buns and braids decrease the exposure of hair to the sun. Sun is clearly not your hair’s best friend. Try putting your hair up as much as possible and avoid keeping it open in the sun. Also, do not tie your hair tightly since they tend to pull and tear dry hair.

What NOT to DO: Leaving it open; tight hairstyles.

Leaving it open would probably be your worst decision this summer after having back to back vodka shots at noon, without an AC! If you hate your hair, then go ahead. But even a slight affection for your hair should motivate you to tie them.

3. What to DO: Cover it up

hair care for summer @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s time to cover up. Carry a scarf wherever you go. Tackle the dust and sun, the traditional way. Covering up directly blocks the sun from damaging your hair. And this might make you feel good that you don’t have to wash your hair more often. Problem solved!

What NOT to DO: Choking your hair

Yes, it is time to cover up. But please consider letting your scalp breathe too. It needs oxygen like the skin does. So make sure to not cover the hair too tight, to an extent that you asphyxiate them. Keep em coming, but keep em loose.

4. What to DO: Masque it up!

hair masque @TheRoyaleIndia

This is one you’ll will enjoy; pamper yourselves once a week by using a good quality hair masque, messaging the masque in your lovely tresses will help to keep them strong and shiny. But remember, just on the hair not the scalp, that can lead to dandruff and no one wants that.

What NOT to DO: Wash frequently

Okay girls! I understand that it tends to get grimy during these hot humid months. But shampooing everyday is just NOT the answer. Shampooing the hair makes it even more dry and strips the natural oil. This also makes it susceptible to dandruff. Please, let it rest for a while, will you?

5. What to DO: Go natural!

hair styling in summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Summer is all for freedom and the whimsical, embrace that!

If you’re not one for that look then make use of old school methods of bunning, hair rollers while your hair is naturally drying so you get your hairstyle with none of the hassles!

What NOT to DO: Over styling

While your hair looks beautiful in intricate updos with the help of hairsprays, gels; it also makes your hair dry, frizzy and itchy later.

So this summer, take the best revenge you can!

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