Gear up For The Top 5 Sporting Events in 2015

January 8, 2015 Gear up For The Top 5 Sporting Events in 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia 1127 0 0

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Another year has ended and January is here again folks! It’s that time of the year when you decide who amongst your friends has the biggest T.V coz let’s admit it; Virat Kohli on a small screen is just not acceptable! So get ready for another year filled with beer, vehement cheering, endless cursing, and of course, your girlfriend’s/ wife’s irritated looks as they see you glued to the game (could be boyfriend’s/ hubby’s face too… times are changing). Listed below are a few of the major sporting events that you can look forward to in 2015:

ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup @TheRoyaleIndia

With New Zealand and Australia playing hosts this year, this tournament promises to be one helluva event. The madness is scheduled for 14th February to 29th March with a total of 49 matches being played across 14 venues. All eyes will be on the reigning champs- India- and the main question will be… Can India retain their title against Australia on their home turf?

Formula One Season

Formula One Season 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia

There is a constant question on everyone’s mind (by everyone I mean those who have no idea about this) when it comes to Formula One or more popularly, F1 racing; Is it a sport? Is it a car show? Is it a modeling event? I say it’s all these and more. Right from using its extravagant race circuits to superlative cars, this sport has made a way into the hearts of all those with a penchant for thrill and entertainment. The 66th season of the World Championship will see 22 racers representing 11 teams participate in 21 Grand Prix Races. With a viewership of about 450 million worldwide, this is definitely a sport to watch out for. The grand celebration of speed racing starts on the 15th of March in Australia and culminates into the baap-of-all-races at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on the 29th of November. Go pack your travel bags and try to catch a race live at any of the 21 mesmerizing locations across the globe!

BWF Super Series

BWF Super Series 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia

Ah, the sport of our childhood. Watching a live knockout match is a sure shot way of reliving the innumerable hours that we must’ve spent trying to perfect that backhand… The 9th season of the Badminton World Federation’s Super Series guarantees to keep you at the edge of your seat with a total of 13 titles up for grabs. Whether the Chinese continue to dominate the international badminton scene or someone breaks through the Great Wall is yet to be seen. With a prize money of USD 275,000 (and that’s just the minimum prize!) per series, this tournament will see the biggies and the dark horses compete from March 3 to December 13 at thirteen different locations.

Tour de France

Tour De France 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia

Not minding the doping scandals (Lance Armstrong anyone?), road cycling has attained its own set of admirers. In its 102nd edition this year, the Tour de France starts from Utrecht, Netherlands, on 4th July and culminates into the last stage at Sèvres, Paris on the 26th of July. With such beautiful countryside views, I fail to understand how these cyclists resist the temptation of just stopping and going picnicking instead. Watch Cadel Evans and Bradley Wiggins, the recent winners, pedaling hard to reach the finishing line before the others.

World Championships in Athletic

2015 World Championships in Athletic @TheRoyaleIndia

Catch on to the mania as hundreds of athletes from around the globe stretch their limits to win some coveted titles. Held biennially, this sporting mega event will take place at the Bird’s Nest (yeah, that massive looking Olympic stadium at Beijing) from 22nd to 30th August. Right from the adrenaline pumping 100m dashes to high jumps, there is a plethora of track and field events to keep the audience mesmerized.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab that chilled beer I was talking about and pull out your favorite team’s jersey coz boy, the coming days are going to be full of fun and sport!

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