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10 Simple Yet Creative Ganpati Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year

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The fun, dance, shlokas, celebration, joy and sweets mark the arrival of Lord Ganesha in our homes. It’s not just the Maharashtrians, but the whole country celebrates the festive occasion of Ganeshotsav with extreme zest.

Every year we think of new and innovative ways to decorate our house in order to please the deity. Ganpati is the time to go all creative and come up with innovative decor ideas that not just look great but are also easy on our pocket. But sometimes due to our busy schedules we have to settle for what’s available in the market and spend a good deal of our money. In either way the spirit of this festival remains high in the hearts of all devotees calling Ganpati Bappa Maurya!!

We, at the Royale, bring you some fun and creative ideas to give you a head start and then it’s all up to you to take your creativity to another level.

1. Ganpati Decor Using Bottles

Ganpati Decor Using Bottles@TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, the regular plastic/glass bottles that usually end up in the dustbin can be used creatively. Use glass or plastic bottles to create a grand background for the Ganesha idol.

Ganpati Decor Using Bottles @TheRoyaleIndia


Arrange the bottles as shown in the picture and use glue to keep the bottles in place. Now if you add a little lighting, the delightful decor will sweep your guests off their feet.

2. Decor Using Coconuts

coconut in ganpati decor @TheRoyaleIndia


Coconut shells don’t need to be thrown away. You can put them to some good use and create large coconut figures by sticking them to baskets using card boards and glue. You know the best part of this organic decor is that it doesn’t add to the pollution. This helping you contribute your bit towards an eco-friendly way of celebrating Ganpati.

3. Ganpati Decor Using Plants

ganpati decor using leaves @TheRoyaleIndia


Yes, your indoor plants can also add an essence of freshness and greenery to the overall decor.

ganpati decor plants @TheRoyaleIndia


You can use bamboo plants or other ornamental plants and arrange them in a way that compliments the overall decor.

4. Using Flowers

ganpati decor flowers @TheRoyaleIndia

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What can be a better way of home decor at Ganpati than fresh and pure flowers? Choose various flowers of different shades and arrange them in beautiful patterns. You can arrange them in the form of bouquets or on the top of the makhar (mandap).

5. Ganpati Decor Using Paper

ganpati decor with magazines @TheRoyaleIndia


Ever thought that newspapers or magazines could be of any use in your Ganpati décor? Well, you can definitely use them for an innovative decor that will leave people astonished.

crafts paper ganesh chaturthi decor @TheRoyaleIndia


You can also try using colourful craft paper and cut out beautiful flowers that will add an entirely different feel to your decor. You can conveniently find everything you need to bring out the craft expert in you on Shopclues, and by using the amazing Shopclues offers and Amazon offers you can even save big on all your purchases this Ganpati.

6. Make colourful rangolis

rangolis ganpati @TheRoyaleindia


Why restrict ourselves to just decorating walls or using a makhar? What’s better? Spread some colours on the floor too. Make beautiful rangolis using colours available in the market or use rice flour mixed with different colours to go the eco-friendly way.

ganpati rangoli with flowers @TheRoyaleIndia


In fact, you can also use the petals of flowers to make colourful and interesting rangoli patterns.

7. Decorate Aarti Thalis

decorate aarti thali @TheRoyaleIndia

Aarti Thalis are often overlooked and only a few people consider decorating their aarti thalis to compliment the whole decor. You can use different grains (even colour them using water colours) and make beautiful patterns by attaching them to the thali using glue.

8. Use Scarfs and Dupattas for Decoration

dupattas in ganpati decor @TheRoyaleIndia


Your colourful scarves and dupattas can be used to create a nice and interesting background for the Ganpati decor.

ganpati decor with fabrics @TheRoyaleIndia


Just keep in mind to choose colours that complement each other. You can also tie them to the pillars or in the centre to form a nice fall.

9. Lightings and Diyas

diya lightings ganpati decor @TheRoyaleIndia


When the lights are dim or turned off, lightings and diyas spell their magic. You can light wax diyas, but the oil ones give a whole more holy feel to the entire thing.

ganpati diyas decoration @TheRoyaleIndia


Decorative lighting garlands that we use during Diwali can also be used to light the Ganpati makhar.

10. Card Board and Mount Board in Ganpati Decor

card board ganpati decor @TheRoyaleIndia


Using cardboards and mount boards, you can let yourself go all creative and innovative. From an ingenious tree symbolising the importance of greenery in our ecosystem to royal makhars, you can craft what you like.

ganpati decor cardboard @TheRoyaleIndia


In fact you can also involve your kids and they would for sure give ideas that would never cross our mind.

I am sure with these simple yet effective decor ideas, you will definitely welcome your Ganpati to a beautifully adorned place. While you implement one of these ideas for decoration, how about trying out ‘modak’ recipes as well? Yes, here we list 5 Ukadiche Modak Recipes you ought to try!!!

List of Ganpati Decoration Ideas for Homes

S. No.Ganapati Decoration Ideas
1.Ganapati décor using regular plastic/glass bottles
2.You can put coconut shells to some good use by using them as a part of Ganpati decoration
3.Add an essence of freshness and greenery to your Ganapati décor with indoor plants
4.What better way to decorate home for Ganpati than fresh flowers
5.Leave your guests astonished by using old newspapers or magazines as part of innovative décor for Ganpati
6.Make rangolis using colours, flowers or rice flour
7.Make beautiful patterns on your thali by attaching grains to it using glue
8.Use your colourful scarves and dupattas to create an interesting background for the Ganapati decor.
9.Nothing can beat diyas and lightings as part of Ganapati decor
10.Prepare cardboard and mount board makhars at home

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