Game of Thrones Season 6 – A Series full of shocks!

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After the relatively low-key season opener of Game of Thrones, the show began its sixth season in full stride with a second episode which was full of shocks and surprises. Most notable of which was the resurrection of fan favourite Jon Snow by Melissandre’s magic. A great majority of fans had predicted this plotline, and hence, it was taken that the show runners would specifically avoid this storyline at least until the last few episodes.

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Also, many, including me thought that the way by which Jon Snow would be revived ought to be different than expected. But, that was not the case, as he is brought back in exactly the same way that was predicted. Perhaps this is the reason that despite being overjoyed that their favourite character is back, fans have expressed disappointment over the very generic way this was done.

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Keeping aside this obvious flaw, the rest of the episode was well-done. Ramsay Bolton continued his display of madness by stabbing his father Roose Bolton, and then in a shocker of a scene feeds Bolton’s wife and newborn son to hungry dogs. Maybe, it was vindictive that Roose Bolton, who betrayed Robb Stark and stabbed his heart, faced a similar fate from his own son.

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We also got a look at Brandon Stark after a whole season of his absence. His scenes with his mentor (great Max Von Sydow) were particularly great. The episode begins with a flashback as seen by Brandon, and the show will definitely use this device to show flashbacks and maybe reveal some important backstories.

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The weakest parts of the episode were the ones set in the Iron Islands. Another major character of Balon Greyjoy is killed by his own brother, and Yara, being a woman will find it difficult to rule the Iron Islands. Theon has now left Sansa’s company and will probably join Yara in Pike.

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Perhaps, the most interesting meeting that this episode set-up is that of Sansa Stark and the now revived Jon Snow. The meeting of the two long-lost siblings in the coming episodes will bring a lot of hope in the dark, gruesome and uncompromising landscape of Game of Thrones. Meanwhile in Meereen, Tyrion, in his usual-self decides to let the dragons loose and is just shy of pissing in his pants when faced by the two mammoth creatures.

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The episode titled Hero was overall a great episode not only because of Jon Snow’s revival but also because of the other plot elements which moved forward in a satisfying way. The final sequence was particularly well-done. When Melissandre tries her magic and seemingly fails, everyone leaves the room one by one. The last to leave is Davos. Once the door is shut Jon’s dire wolf is lying with his eyes closed. And then, as if sensing that his master is back, before we do, its eyes flash and he gets up. A couple of seconds later, Jon Snow gasps, opens his eyes and breathes his first!

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