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Y’all must have read up the article on ‘Kinky presents best friends should unabashedly give their soon-to-be-married friends’, right? RIGHT? Well, here comes a sequel for party accessories to increase the fun and be known as the master of parties.

First and foremost, always, always keep the crowd and the reason for the party in mind. For example- while throwing a party during the T20 World Cup, with angry cricket fans, you shouldn’t keep wine. Can you imagine the cricket lovers elegantly sipping wine and having small finger foods while yelling at the TV? Nor can you imagine your girlfriends chugging beer and attacking pizza during a gossipy pajama party. Try and have a theme and make sure your friends stick to it even if it means threatening them with no booze. It makes the party that much more fun.

Whether it’s a themed just-like-that-cuz-it’s-a-Saturday-night party or if it is an occasion, one can always make a party fun.

speakers for a party @TheRoyaleIndia

Secondly, you need good quality speakers, the kind which can burst your eardrums but not your neighbors’. At the same time, you need good music to compliment the sound system. If you don’t have either then turn to your friend for help. We always have that one friend who has good speakers and good music. If you can link your laptop to your TV then great! Just play videos on it with the music to keep some visual entertainment. Clear out some space in your house so people can dance when drunk without either knocking things over or hurting their little toe.

Photo Booth

photo booth @TheRoyaleIndia

There is another tried and tested method which has been a success. If you have a free corner in your living room, then write ‘Photo Booth’ on a chart paper and stick it on the wall and keep quirky and funky props. These can be anything from funky goggles to masks to caps to LED hair accessories. You can make your own as well. We made pink lips and black mustaches stuck on a long stick which we had to hold. You can even keep something which is theme related.

We threw a bachelorette for our friend and we kept some kaliras, which I had discovered in my drawer from my sister’s wedding, which could be hooked on to the wrist or anywhere. Choose a corner which has a nicely colored wall or a normal stain-free white/ cream wall or a curtain in the background so the pictures come out awesome!

karaoke @TheRoyaleIndia

The most popular accessory since time immemorial to make a party fun has been the karaoke machine. No matter how much people claim to hate it, once drunk everyone suddenly has this urge to show their singing and dancing talent to the world. Karaoke machine can be rented, borrowed or stolen.

In fact, a lot of set-up boxes are also coming out with karaoke on their home channel and making it interactive. If you have the equipment to set up a Wii or a PS, then you can probably have one of those dance videos where you are supposed to imitate the animated character. Obviously, all this should be recorded on camera and be used as blackmail later in life.

party poopers @TheRoyaleIndia

Get party poppers. No not those annoying confetti ones which get stuck everywhere. I am talking about the ones which throw currency, albeit miniature notes. These can be popped on anyone who is dancing merrily. You get party poppers with INR 1000/ INR 500/ INR 100 miniature notes and make cute souvenirs of the evening.

neon masks for party @TheRoyaleIndia

If you can, then replace your tube light with a black light and have everyone wear either neon colours or white. It is quite fun when the only things visible are eyes and teeth. To take it up a notch, get your camera with a Smile Sensor mode. Sony Cybershot has a Smile Shutter setting. It only clicks pictures when the subject is smiling. This results in funny (sometimes creepy) pictures.

Time to enjoy!! Time to party!!….Go ahead have a ball of a time…..

disco ball for party @TheRoyaleIndia

Get a disco ball, a smoke machine (if the area you are having the party in is big enough) or LED rotating lights. This gives a very club-esque feel and with thumping music, you really cannot go wrong.

shotglasses for party @TheRoyaleIndia

Get funny drinking plastic glasses for the evening. Animal beaks or funny human noses are drawn across the length of the glass and while sipping it looks to be a part of your face! It is quite funny to see a man with a delicate button nose. Having quirky finger food picks or stirrers also adds a fun element.

To get your drinks dunked in seconds, get fun shaped ice cube trays. You can get any shape to be it engagement rings, guns, skulls, precious stones, brains, bottles, shark fins, bombs, shoes, teeth, chess pieces, Tetris, lego, ships with icebergs, robots, hearts, flowers, snowflakes, etc. (end of thinking capacity).

Get shot glass shaped ice tray and never again spend money and time on buying and washing shot glasses. Just fill them with water and freeze them. Voila! With a bit of trickery once you get them out of the trays quickly serve them up with drinks.

Get syringe shot equipment. These look like the actual injection syringes but you have to just fill them up with beverages and make sure everyone gets to have a shot or two or five, each.

party food & drink @TheRoyaleIndia

The one thing that can make or break your party is the beverage being served. As mentioned before, keep your crowd in mind and have the bar ready accordingly. If it is a mixed crowd then have something for everyone and it is quite ok to call and ask what will be his or her preferred beverage. Ditto for food…Find out if you have more vegetarians or non-vegetarians or people who are always on a diet.

Also as surprising as it sounds you will always have that one friend who abstains from drinking, so please don’t count him or her out. They shouldn’t survive just on water. You can get them a nonalcoholic beer or aerated drinkers. Though personally, I think energy drinks are the best for nondrinkers. At least, they have the energy to dance then.

Of course!! let us not leave out drinking games. No game where you have to explain too much or a lot has to be done is EVER fun while partying. Have something simple, which amplifies the alcohol intoxication of the group. Have the teetotaler of the group take videos and pictures of funny moments of the party. I say, teetotaler, because we wouldn’t want that phone/ DSLR camera to fall on the floor and go bust, would we?

One very important tip

Inform your neighbors beforehand about the party and invite them for a drink or two (they will usually refuse) so you don’t get chucked out of the building and society and/ or your friends aren’t banned and/ or the cops aren’t called.

As long as you have good neighbors, upbeat music and a good set of friends you will never feel the need to add accessories or games to increase the fun in your party. Having said that, be as creative as you possibly can and let your imagination run wild while planning a party, or like me give this task to a friend who is known to have the brains to organize the best parties.

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