10 Fun Facts about Tubelight

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Sumita Chakraborty delves into the hidden secrets of the film Tubelight and finds 10 nuggets about this incredible film

By now, you’ve already viewed the teasers several times and obviously, you think this is definitely going to be another of Salman Khan’s winning blockbusters, right? …Of course, we are talking about the much talked about teaser of Tubelight which stars our desi macho man Salman Khan – the man who rules blockbusters.

Let’s look at the 10 things you need to know about Tubelight.

Dus Ka Dus

1. Director’s Call: This film is directed by the immensely versatile and talented Kabir Khan. Kabir, if you recall, has given Salman super-duper hits including Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Kabir actually started his career by making documentary films. No wonder, even his most commercial film has some nuances of reality in them. By the way, Kabir has collaborated with Salman on all three of his films – Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Tubelight. And though we’ve heard there were many creative differences between these two super creative people, at the end, there was harmony in thought and the ideas shaped the film for its betterment.

Kabir Khan

Image Credits – Bollywoodlife.com

2. An Actor Prepares: Kabir was very enthusiastic about making Tubelight only with Salman Khan. He believed only Bajrangi Bhaijaan could do justice to this role. So he went to him with the script and read it out in front of the superstar. And Salman was hooked! He immediately jumped into the fray and announced that he would also produce the film.

3. Hello Brother: Sohail Khan, Salman Khan’s youngest brother is also a part ‘n’ parcel of the film. He is playing Salman’s brother in the film. Sohail incidentally plays the role of an army man. With his fit physique and tough looks, Sohail definitely fits the role to the ‘T’.

Sohail Khan

Image Credits : facebook/BeingSalmanKhan

4. Remake: The film is actually an official remake of JaKob Salvati’s Little Boy. Incidentally, the title was bought over from a Kannada production house who had originally bought the original title.

5. Slow & Steady: Bollywood’s macho man and superstar plays the role of a man who is a little slow. Essentially, he is person of special needs and is like a man-boy. In the film, he is referred as Tubelight because he is a slow learner. But the film tells the story of this man who goes on an extraordinary adventurous trail and meets some very interesting people on the way.

6. The Zhu Zhu Factor: His co-star Zhu Zhu is an international star. A Chinese, she has starred in films like Shanghai Calling, Cloud Atlas and The Man With The Iron Fist in Hollywood too. Tubelight will be her first Hindi film and she is super excited about it.


Image Credits : variety.com

7. Kat In The Bag: There was talk that the beauteous Katrina Kaif would do a cameo in the film. Katrina is a very close friend of Salman Khan. Though rumours were rife that Kabir who is also a good friend of Katrina would write in a character essayed by Katrina, it supposedly didn’t happen because Kabir thought it would disturb the narrative of the film. Katrina, however, was super excited about doing the cameo. But now a little disappointed, like all of us is waiting to catch the film first day, first show.

8. Girl Friend’s Song: Salman Khan’s rumoured girlfriend, the Romanian beauty lulia Vantur who has now turned singer was also very excited about the film. Though there are talks about her also singing in the film, supposedly Kabir Khan has nullified these reports. So as for now, lulia Vantur isn’t singing for the film though she did accompany Bhaijaan for his shoots.

9. Locales Right: Tubelight was shot at the picturesque locales of Ladakh and then Manali. After all the outdoor shoots, Kabir then constructed a huge set in Mumbai and the rest of the shooting commenced there.

10. The Badshaah & The Sultan: The icing on the cake is that friend-turned-foe-turned friend again Shah Rukh Khan is doing a cameo in Tubelight. So for all you cine goers, it will indeed be a treat watching the two superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan showing their bonhomie in one frame. Oh before we forget, also don’t forget to watch the little boy who plays Salman Khan’s friend, he sure is a bundle of cuteness.

Tubelight will be released on Eidd this year – like most of Salman’s films. And though the great Bahubaali 2: The Conclusion has crossed over 1,000 crores worldwide, Salman’s films are also of the over 100 crore bracket and is sure to do extremely well. And since we are fans, we just can’t wait to watch Tubelight at the nearest theatre soon. So here’s a toast to Tubelight and the entire cast and crew of the film. May it rake it lots of moolah!

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