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If you thought that having millions of fans and admirers is all you need to feel satisfied in life, check out this list of Indian actresses who chose to serve the masses in a different way- by becoming their political representatives. These Indian actresses graced the celluloid and telly screens for years, entertaining many with their portrayal of a plethora of characters. However, one role that they must never have played on screen, they did off it- that of a political leader.

Check out this list of Indian actresses who went from spending hours on sets to hours in rallies:


Jayalalitha actress turned politician @TheRoyaleIndia

If you were shocked to see this six-time incumbent Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu serenading to Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada songs, then join the club.

actress turned politician Jayalalitha @TheRoyaleIndia


A versatile actress with more than a hundred films to her credit, “Amma” turned to politics supposedly under the patronage of another actor-turned-politician, M. G. Ramachandran. Leaving the case of owning disproportionate assets aside, Jayalalithaa’s political career has only soared upwards.

Kirron Kher

kiron kher actress turned politician @TheRoyaleIndia


Like her acting talent, her social activism is no secret; Kirron Kher has been known to campaign against female infanticide, to spread awareness about cancer, and participated in the great Anti-Corruption movement of 2011. As an MP from Chandigarh, one of her proposals has been to set up a film city in Chandigarh. A huge supporter of Narendra Modi, she contested the elections on a BJP ticket, defeating fellow artist Gul Panag (from Aam Admi Party) for the same constituency.

  • Jaya Bachchan

Actress turned politician jaya bachchan @TheRoyaleIndia


With her stern expression and a gaze that can put hundreds into line, she has fiercely stood for her political beliefs all through her tenure as an MP for Rajya Sabha from Samajwadi Party. Her passionate speech in the Parliament in 2012, advocating the rights of women garnered her a lot of admirers.

  • Hema Malini

hema malini actress to politician @TheRoyaleIndia


The ‘Dream Girl’ won hearts riding the Dhanno driven carriage in Sholay, but her campaign for PETA was what earned her even more fans. Her social activism combines well with her political one, and she is now a Member of the Parliament, representing Mathura in the Lok Sabha. A position as a nominated MP to the Rajya Sabha from 2003-2009 is another feather in her political cap.

  • Moon Moon Sen

moon moon sen actress politician young @TheRoyaleIndia

She enchanted audiences not only in the Bengali acting scene, but also in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Kannada film circuits.

moon moon sen actress turned politician @TheRoyaleIndia


Now the Lok Sabha representative from Bankura constituency, she is a familiar name with her political party, Trinamool Congress.

  • Ramya

Ramya divya spandana actress politician @TheRoyaleIndia


She may have conquered Tollywood, but she democratically made her way to becoming the youngest MP in the 15th Lok Sabha when she got elected as a Member of Parliament from Mandya constituency in 2013, at the age of 30 years.

  • Angoorlata Deka

Actress turned politician angoorlata deka @TheRoyaleIndia


A daughter of the Seven-Sister states, Deka is an Assamese actress.

Angurlata actress turned politician @TheRoyaleIndia


She is currently an MLA representing the Batadroba constituency of Assam.

  • Smriti Zubin Irani

smriti irani actress turned politician @TheRoyaleIndia


Women cried when she cried, they smiled when she smiled, such was her fame in the show ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

actress turned politician smriti irani @TheRoyaleIndia

Currently, she is the Minister of Textiles Department and MP representing Gujarat in the Rajya Sabha.

With women empowerment becoming a major political issue it is interesting to see how these starlets, who have played different characters, use their insight to push for a better legislation.

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