Get Your Fill of Fried Goodness with Fried Ice Cream

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Munching on fried pakoras and crispy bhajiyas might be on everyone’s wish list, but have you tried fried ice cream yet? Yes, you heard that right! Fried ice-creams exist and are gradually becoming a must-try marvel. A new phenomenon, you say? Well, it might be hard to imagine but, if rumours are to be believed, this delicious food item has been doing the rounds since 1893! Surprising, isn’t it?

How to make Fried ice cream @TheRoyaleIndia


Now, you might wonder how something as cold as ice-cream can be fried and eaten hot – the very opposite of what it is called and known for! While many may find it strange, this uniqueness is exactly what has made the dish so sought-after and popular among foodies everywhere! The contrasting flavour of mouth-watering scoops of ice-cream ensconced within a crispy, deep-fried shell of flour, eggs, and crushed corn flakes, is all you need to make your calorie consumption for the day worth it! Here’s how you can prepare it at home and enjoy all the goodness.


Fried ice cream recipe ingredients @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Ice Cream – 1 litre (Preferably Vanilla)

  • Crushed Cereals (puffed rice, wheat flakes or corn flakes)

  • Plain Flour – ½ cup

  • Eggs – 2

  • Cinnamon – A Pinch (optional)

  • Oil – For frying

  • Sugar (optional)


  • Scoop out the ice cream into large scoops and place them on a pan lined with butter paper.

  • Cover the pan with a clear wrap and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours (until the ice cream is firm).

  • In the meantime, combine the crushed cereals (corn flakes or wheat flakes), cinnamon and sugar in a bowl.

  • In a separate bowl beat the eggs.

  • Take out the ice cream balls from the freezer (one at a time) and then dip them into the beaten eggs and then roll well in the crumb mixture of the cereals.

  • Now, quickly place the coated balls of ice cream back into the freezer and let them sit there until completely firm and solid (it will take another 2 hours).

Fried ice cream recipe steps @TheRoyaleIndia

How To Fry Ice Cream

  • When you are ready to fry the ice cream balls, heat oil in a pan to 400 degrees.

  • Just seconds before frying, take out the ice cream balls from the freezer. Ensure that they are still firm. Work with one ball at a time and fry it for about half a minute (until golden brown).

  • Serve immediately while the crumb outer coating is crunchy and piping hot, but the ice cream is still frozen.

Fried ice cream recipe @TheRoyaleIndia


Please Note:

  • The most critical task to ensure success with Fried ice creams is the time in the freezer. Never get tempted to skimp on this time or else you’ll regret it soon.

  • While coating ice cream balls in the crumb mixture, ensure that each ball is evenly coated.

  • Take care not to fry for too long else the inside ice cream will melt away.

  • While frying, ensure that the oil is really hot (almost 400 degrees)

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