Freeroll Online Poker Skill Games: A Wise Start to a Thriving Poker Career

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The lockdown has brought our day to day lives to a screeching halt, despite which the pandemic seems to spread relentlessly. As such, the search for recreation and mental health activities have spiked for quarantined folks. Fortunately, mental skill games like online poker have been instrumental to offer major respite and entertainment to people during these testing times.

The sudden surge in the player base of online poker is a testament to its popularity among skill gamers in India. So, if you are a newcomer who isn’t quite familiar with the online poker realm but wants to accrue benefits like the rest of the poker community, let’s begin from the beginning. 

Online Poker Games in India

Poker has been a wildly popular skill sport famous in the west and other parts of the globe for decades but the introduction of online poker has increased its growth and popularity in India. Many online poker platforms have brought this skill game to the forefront along with the enormous possibilities of a thriving career for those who wish for it even during the pandemic.

What is Poker?

Poker is a fascinating skill-based card game that requires command over certain core skills such as Mathematics, Statistical Analysis, Logical Reasoning, and Reverse Psychology. It is typically played between 2-8 players who strive to make the best possible hand combination to win the pot.

For new players, starting with free online poker games is a smart move to understand the nuances and subtleties of the game that also allows players to crack the mindset of the opponents to develop strategies and outsmart them in the long run,

Freeroll Online Poker Games 

Freerolls are online poker games that are favored by new players as they offer a risk-free learning platform, allow tournament experience with players of different levels, learn the different variants of poker and also earn real money for free in the best online poker sites of India. 

Most freeroll online poker games can be played for free, however, some tournaments with excellent guarantees require a minimum depositor’s fee for participation. These are called Depositor’s Freeroll where you can play poker online with a pool of players of varying skill levels and step up your game to win more money.

So, with the basics in place, let’s talk about some profitable opportunities that can help new poker players to gain stand in the rising poker community in India. 

PokerBaazi Announces Freeroll Tournaments worth 1Crore

PokerBaazi, a homegrown online poker room operating in India since 2014, recently announced a fresh trail of Freeroll online poker tournaments worth 1Crore for players to accrue real money winnings during the beginning of their run.

Here’s a list of the freerolls newcomers can participate and win attractive real money for minimum investment.

Freeroll Tournament Prize Pool Date & Time Deposit  Amount  Deposit Code
50K Depositor’s Freeroll 50K Tue, Sat, Thurs 9PM INR 200 DEPFR50K
1LAC Depositor’s Freeroll 1LAC Mon, Wed, Fri at 9PM 1K DEPFR1L
10LAC Weekly Depositor’s Freeroll 10LAC Every Sunday at 9PM 5K WKFR10L
25LAC Mega Depositor’s Freeroll 25LAC 14th June, 9PM 10K  MEGAFR25L


As you can see, the list and variety of freeroll online poker tournaments are impressive in which players can play poker online throughout the week and stand multiple chances to win handsome money for extremely menial investment. 

Free Entry Tournaments

Besides these, PokerBaazi also hosts Free Entry Tournaments (FETs) all day long where beginners can play poker online and test their skills for free. Players can earn real cash bonuses by ranking in the FET Leaderboard and use them to play cash games and win real money. 

Simply download the PokerBaazi app from the official website or click on the ‘Instant Play’ to play online poker with no immediate download and test run the app and its tournaments right away.

So far, we have the basics covered along with a list of running tournaments, it makes sense we close this with a few freeroll strategies that can offer you a head-start in the next tournament.

Online Poker Freeroll Strategies

If you wish to make a serious dive into online poker, looking into some strategies right from Day 1 shall help you play smart poker amongst a pool of newbies and build your bankroll with less struggle.

  1. Build Your Bankroll from Scratch 

Play as many freerolls as you can because the more you play, the more experience you gain to play amongst a wide pool of players. Online poker freerolls also offer great opportunities to build your bankroll from zero for minimum investment if played carefully.

  1. Build Your Game

Do not take freeroll online poker games lightly, play them to build your strategies, read the table, and observe your opponents recognize their patterns and outwit them in times to come. 

  1. Test-run Different Game Strategies

Playing enough online poker freerolls offers plenty of room to try out different strategies against a variety of opponents and see what kind works against what type of players and in which situations.

  1. Balance of Emotions

Online poker games tend to witness crazy swings that can impact a player’s mental ability to make logical decisions and drive them to make loose moves to recover lost money on the table. Playing freerolls can help you practice balanced emotions and activity level headed in dire circumstances. 

So there you go. You have all the info you need to start storming your brains in this mind-blowing skill game and win real money solely through your skills. Playing poker online has become a phenomenon especially among the younger generation in India who are keen to apply these key sets of mathematical skills to thrive and forge a legit poker career.

Who knows you might turn out to be natural in poker? Start playing to discover the other side of you in online poker.

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