Freedom 251, The World’s ‘Cheapest’ Smartphone Now ‘Made In India’!

February 18, 2016 Freedom 251 914 0 0

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Ringing Bells, a Noida based telecom company launched the world’s cheapest smartphone priced at just Rs. 251 on February 18, today. Well, technically what you have to pay is 291 when you buy it that includes 40 Rs. shipping charges, it is still the cheapest smartphone you would ever touch and use.

With the Make in India campaign gaining steam, this launch is speculated to be a part of this campaign, which aims to make India the manufacturing hub, like China. In fact, Ringing Bells has clearly announced it to be under the “Make in India” campaign spearheaded by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Now, let’s get to the phone shall we.

  • Display:

Freedom 251 screen @TheRoyaleIndia


You get a 4-inch HD touch-screen display on the phone that renders a resolution of 540X960p. In simple terms, don’t expect the clarity you would get in those AMOLED or OLED screens, but it still can do the job quite well at that specification.

  • What’s Inside:

Freedom 251 mobile promises a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor and 8GB of internal storage. That’s quite a lot for a 251 Rs. Smartphone. It is powered with 1GB RAM, and its memory can be expanded up to 32GB with a MicroSD card.

  • Camera:

Freedom 251 camera @TheRoyaleIndia


While the rear 3.2MP camera is still something you can do with, the front 0.3MP camera seems to be quite inferior as compared to even the most basic smartphones today. But then you should not complain when you are paying only 251 Rs.

  • Connectivity:

Freedom to Connect @TheRoyaleIndia


It can connect through WiFi, 3G, but you don’t get 4G and GPS which may be a bummer for some. Clearly they had to cut some corners and justifiably so. However, some would argue that at least GPS would have been the primary feature that they could have added.

  • Operating System:

Freedom 251 android lollipop @TheRoyaleIndia


Now this is a big surprise here. Powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop, the smartphone easily beats many other hi-tech gadgets that are priced 10-20-50 times higher than this one.

  • Battery:

Freedom 251 battery @TheRoyaleIndia


Well, again something that you won’t be exactly thrilled about, but the 1450mAh battery will, at least, sail you through half the day.

All in all, it’s a no frills phone, but at just 251, it clearly is too good to be true. We just hope it is good, and it is true. And if it is, it could very well revolutionalize the mobile industry in India. The Freedom 251 phone is available on this site: http://fre However, the overwhelming response has overloaded the servers of the website, as it claims, and you may have to wait patiently. If you do get through, all you have to do is click on the buy now, and follow the simple instructions for giving your address and paying up. Oh, and yes, some buyers have reported that the website shows a four month waiting period for the phone to reach you.

Is it That Good?

Freedom 251 talk @TheRoyaleIndia


Well, nothing can be said about that, as this is the first phone by the company; Ringing Bells. Well, not technically, as they also launched three other phones, but that was just three days back. In fact, Ringing Bells was established in 2015, so it’s a rather new company.

While some are playing the wait-and-watch game, to buy the phone, many and yes MANY are too tempted to resist the 251 price tag. Some are doing it because they need a phone while several others are buying it just to see how a 251 phone looks like. Whatever be the case, if this phone stands true to its specification, it may very well bring a revolution in the Mobile Industry and may become the strongest pillar of “Make in India” campaign.

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