International Honeymoon trips from India That Will Cost You Less Than An iPhone

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Are you engaged and are all set to walk up the aisle in just a couple of months? While marriages in India are one of the most celebrated events of a person’s life, but I am sure once you’re done with all the rituals, you would not really want to be surrounded with your aunts, uncles, and cousins. So, why wait until the last day to plan an escape?

If you have always dreamt of taking your partner on an international trip, then this is the best time to go about it. Some quality time and coziness will help you form a bond for a lifetime. But, such trips do not come so easily, it’s gonna be really expensive, isn’t it? Well, not really. There are a number of international destinations where Indian couples can head for their Honeymoon without spending over 50K. In this article, we have rounded up 5 such places which are worth exploring:

1. Sri Lanka

Sri lanka budget honeymoon destination


The quaint island nation lies on the Indian Ocean and may not feature among the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. But, it certainly has all the right ingredients to make for a perfect budget-friendly honeymoon location. The island has endless miles of pristine beaches, serene monasteries, elephant orphanages, wild and unexplored jungles and delectable cuisine that would delight each of the senses in your body from head to toe.

Under 50K budget honeymoon destination @TheRoyaleIndia



Travel – For a two-way ticket from Chennai, it would cost you about 12K (3-4 months advance booking)

Accommodation – There are several budget hotels available all across Sri Lanka, you can find accommodations for as cheap as INR 1200 – INR 1500.

2. Thailand

Budget honeymoon destination thailand @TheRoyaleIndia


Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui are some of the best places in the world that would surely make every moment you spend here a memorable one. Vibrant culture, fun-loving people, vivacious nightlife, pristine and secluded beaches, tropical forests, adventure activities, spiritual temples, and oh shopping (read Cheap Shopping) you name it and you can find it all in Thailand.

Budget trip thailand @TheRoyaleIndia



Travel – Book 3-4 months in advance and you can get tickets for INR 20K to 22K (round trip)

Accommodation – You can find rooms as cheap as INR 1000 onwards.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam budget honeymoon @TheRoyaleIndia


This South-Asian nation is one of the hidden gems that would unfold itself as you make your way through its vibrant, lively, and bustling cities and the calm, serene and picturesque countryside. You would be pleasantly surprised to enjoy a beautiful stay at the most affordable prices.

Under 50k international honeymoon destination @TheRoyaleIndia



Travel – It’s better to book almost 6 months in advance to get your tickets for about 20-25K (round trip).

Accommodation – You can find a reasonably good accommodation for about INR 2000.

4. Singapore

Singapore night honeymoon destination budget @TheRoyaleIndia


The City known for its cleanliness is one of the most popular metropolis in Asia. Being bustling with numerous fun activities, you can be sure to be entrained every single day. After you are done exploring the amazing restaurants that serve world class global cuisines and take a stroll on the various parks and malls, you can head to the amazing night clubs and bars and let your hair lose.

Budget honeymoon destination singapore @TheRoyaleIndia



Travel – Book your tickets about 3 months in advance to get it for 22 – 24K (round trip).

Accommodation – There are plenty of affordable hotels where you can get bookings for INR 3000.

5. Kenya

Kenya international honeymoon under 50K @TheRoyaleIndia


If you love wilderness and are a wildlife enthusiast, do not think twice before heading off to Kenya to spend some loving moments with your partner amidst the vast expanse of the Jungles and reserve parks. The country is a home to some of the largest natural reserves and some of the most exotic flora and fauna that you cannot find anywhere else on the planet.

Budget honeymoon destination kenya @TheRoyaleIndia



Travel – If booked at least 5 months in advance, a round trip for two would cost you about INR 30K.

Accommodation – If your base is Nairobi, you can find hotels for about 2-3K per night.

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