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Planning to ink yourself?

Given that a tattoo is something that will be on your body forever, getting one is a big decision. Don’t rush into it on a whim; take your time to think about the pattern you want to wake up with every morning. Experts say that if you are not sure of what design you want, mull over it for a while and it will come to you. But walking into a tattoo parlour, expecting the tattoo artist to help you make a choice from a catalogue is definitely not a good sign. Tattoo designs, like clothes follow trends. You don’t necessarily have to let what’s in vogue dictate your selection of body art, but it might help you make your final choice. Read on…

White Wrists

White Ink Tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

Tattoos on the wrist look absolutely gorgeous but they’re are not a new phenomenon. Tiny paw marks or a bunch of stars floating around the wrist are common designs that most people choose to ink their wrist with. How can you be different? Do the same thing in white ink! Yeaaah! The only downside is that white ink is not as reliable as its green counterpart and tends to fade over time.

Abstract matters

Abstract Tattoo design @TheRoyaleIndia

The world is moving towards the abstract, folks, and tattoos are only catching up. Let your creative side take over as you unleash what looks like brush strokes on your body. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you actually let the tattoo artist do as he pleases on you. Carefully select the abstract piece you want before hand and let the artist trace over it.

Finger tattoos

Finger Tattoo Design @TheRoyaleIndia

Another craze that is slowly but steadily catching up is that of tattoos on the inside of your fingers. It’s mostly selected by those who want to get inked, but are not comfortable with the design being in a place that is easily visible to all. Though finger tattoos remain hidden, they look extremely cute once spotted and are thoroughly adored.

Insects on the move

Insect Tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

Creepy and crawly insects are definitely a big trend today. Think a trail of little bugs moving from around your elbow to the forearm or crawling up your spine. For those who are not so comfortable with the idea of seeing insects on their body, can opt for designs such as a trail of butterflies around the ankle or under the sole of the foot.

Jewellery forever

Waist Tattoo Design @TheRoyaleIndia

Indian actor Koena Mitra loves waist jewellery so much that she went ahead and got a tattoo of a waist chain around her sexy hips. Hollywood’s Scarlett Johansson got a bracelet with a charm dangling from the chain on her wrist. Among other latest trends are inking your earlobes to look like they’ve been pierced or around the fingers to look like a multitude of finger rings on display or getting a permanent pair of anklets. What’s your fetish?

Get Ribbed

Ribcage Tattoo Design @TheRoyaleIndia

Ready to get ribbed? What do David Beckham, Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson have in common? Think hard… come on. Okay, it’s tattoos on their rib cage! Yes. The soccer star has a Chinese inscription along his rib cage and Scarlett has a horse shoe with stars around it on her rib cage. Lady Gaga, known for her eccentric tastes has an anchor on her rib cage and has also inked herself on the back of her head… literally!

Number Game

Number Tattoo Design @TheRoyaleIndia

Selena Gomez got a LXXVI tattoo on the nape of her neck and it’s dedicated to someone special in her family. A good idea to talk in code, right?

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