Fly High with Bird Motif

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Get past those done-to-death loud animal prints on your clothes; instead give your wardrobe a chirpy makeover with avian prints and bird motifs on clothes, bags and accessories. The trend for this season is bird print or silhouettes designed in big chunky styles to little birds on charm bracelets, these motifs work very well. So let your imagination take flight and dress up. Soar up above with bird prints and motifs this season.

Formal look

Formal look assemble with Bird Motif @TheRoyaleIndia

It is a bridge between formal and causal wear. The ensemble will give you a formal look while the nature of the clothing will make it fun. It’s a great way of dressing to a workplace.

Casual Look

Casual look assemble with Bird Motif @TheRoyaleIndia

Try this sweet and whimsical printed dress perfect any time you want to look pretty! Pair this ensemble with right accessories to keep the look sober and classy effortlessly.

For Special Evening

Special Evening assemble with Bird Motif @TheRoyaleIndia

Bird prints are flying everywhere. From blouses to skirts to dresses. Here is a way to style a bird printed dress for you to wear for a lunch date or at a park with friends or even for a movie.

A summer beach-side look

Summer beach-side look assemble with Bird Motif @TheRoyaleIndia

A cute summer dress is the perfect seasonal fashion ensemble—light, airy and stylish. Pair this avian print sleeveless top with a turquoise skirt. Team it up with cool hat and shades. It’s so tropical and fun!

So channel your free and wild inner spirit by sporting this fashion trend.

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  • Colours & Prints:Bird prints can be worn in any colour, a light tone will make the ensemble delicate and feminine while a bright colour combo will make it bold and sporty. When using darker colours, the rest of the outfit must be in light colours or neutrals – like neutral tights with a bird print tunic or matt colour flats with bird printed dress. As pastel colours are a big trend this season, a combination of the two will set your style meter soaring high.
  • Silhouettes:While going for such prints, a care free easy silhouette that of a tunic or an A-line or flare dress or straight fit pants will be easy on the eye. When sporting heavy printed shirts, be wary of the pants you pair with them. A long tee with a full on feather print in neutral colours will go great fitted dark or metallic (matt) pants. By selecting the right print and the correct silhouette that flatters your body type you will achieve an elegant, breezy look.
  • Accessories: While accessorising such clothes, use caution and pick only one bold piece to go with them. Often a coordinated purse or footwear is all you need to make your ensemble work for you. Narrow or broad belts in contrasting solid colors also work well. With a printed outfit, plain, boots, pumps and strappy sandals are your best footwear choices. Avoid jewelry or restrict them to a minimum like studs or simple chain bracelets. On the other hand, if your clothes are plain, then a handbag or a shoe with bird print on will look really cool. Pair a simple plain tunic, dress, blouse or even a plain saree with bird inspired jewelry like a bird silhouette pendant or a bird’s nest ring and you will look really nice and classy.

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