Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

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Flowers always have been a top gift choice for any occasion and for any reason. People always appreciate the beauty and attractive nature of flowers as unique memories. According to the facts 77% of women can remember the last time they received flowers and 80% of them said receiving flowers makes them feel happy where as 88% says giving flowers makes them happy. Sometimes just the bright colours of the flowers can freshen up anyone’s day and if you receive that early in the morning just think how big the smile will be on your face.

Why should you choose flowers as a gift?

The fragrance of the fresh flowers is sure to leave a tantalizing effect making anyone’s day brighter than ever. Nothing says “I love you” more than a beautiful bouquet of tulips and irises and you can track important dates to gift flowers. Flowers are ideal gifts for anytime and any day. A bouquet full of flowers always brings happiness to everyone and they are enough to chase away all sadness. There are so many occasions throughout the year when gifts are traditionally given, but don’t forget those special days that celebrate personal memories. Flowers are timeless offering to show someone that they are special or to thank someone or wish them well. Flowers also are one of the easiest ways to show someone you care.

Choosing right flowers for every occasion

Choosing the right flowers for your each unique occasion can be a difficult choice for many. Though you can use same type of flowers interchangeably on numerous occasions and there are certain flowers which go well with any birthday or wedding. But knowing which will be a better choice can help make your purchase decision much simple.

Flowers for Birthdays

When choosing flower for a friend for his celebration of his birthday you can select something that signifies friendship and happiness. Any type of yellow flower is perfect for this like lilies, tulips, and dandelions. For other choices you can rely upon roses, marigolds or red carnations.

Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

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Flowers for Valentine’s Day

While Valentine roses are THE flower for this occasion but many other types of flowers also peak during this days. Another popular Valentine’s Day flowers include tulips, orchids, daisies, carnations, violets, daffodils, and Peruvian lilies. And if you are currently in an early relationship, beautiful lavender roses are perfect, as they signify enchantment and if you are married then a bouquet of red tulips can highlight the mood.

Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

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Flowers for Wedding or Anniversary

The kind’s flowers you select for a wedding are entirely up to the bride and can be practically anything they want as it’s their special day. Lilies are everyone’s all-time favourite. For bridesmaids, consider choosing the same flower, but in a much smaller bouquet so that they don’t feel left alone. The boutonniere worn by the groom should also match with the flower of the bride. For a wedding anniversary anything around the five-year old can be daisies, while the ten-year anniversary can be daffodils. The iris is perfect for a 25-year old marriage anniversary. Now you surely won’t get anything wrong.

Flowers for Funerals

When paying tribute to a recently deceased loved one a larger arrangement of flowers are quite common traditionally. You should choose a flower which signifies love and respect and peace. The best flowers for this occasion are lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums. Choose lighter colour which are soothing and radiate peace and calmness.

Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

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Important Dates

First you need to prioritize your special dates on your calendar and check your calendar at the beginning of every month. You can also take help from your local florist and make a good bonding with him. All you have to do is tell him/her (the florist) the important dates you would like to be reminded of before every month. He or she will contact you as this means business for him and he/she can also suggest flower types for the upcoming occasion and remember special days all year round for you.

These tips can help more

  • Does he or she have a special hobby? A lover’s collection with a vase filled with flowers (any local florist can help you create perfect arrangement to complement the vase).

  • Would he or she prefer a romantic celebration? Then buy tickets-for-two to a special event and you can send a dinner invitation delivered to his or her door in a bouquet of flowers.

  • Does he or she deserve some special pampering? Ask your florist to help you to create a special spa kit in a basket and a beautiful arrangement of flowers on the other side.

Other Festive Dates

There is nothing lovelier than a brother-sister bond and to celebrate this eternal you can come up with some special
rakhi gifts for the occasion. To spread the joy you can try gifting a wide variety of gift combo’s bouquets to make the occasion a memorable one.

Buying and Gifting Flowers Online

Yes you heard that right now you can also flowers online without even getting out. If you are a spoiled brat and you don’t want to get from your bed then you can even order flowers online and you don’t have to think about the delivery time as they are pretty serious about that. With Bookmyflowers you can order, buy and send flowers anywhere across the globe. Another great online portal is fernsandpetals. They have sorted collection of bouquets for every occasion from festivals to any special day. Flowers are also presented as gift in occasions like weddings, festivals, funerals and anniversaries. Although we choose the flowers for gifting as per season but at the end of the day sometimes we should choose the flowers according to the receivers favourites because he/she will be the one getting that. After all the everything is for them only.

Most popular flowers used on specific occasions:

The perfect arrangement of the best sellers according to market are flowers such as roses, tulips, orchids, carnation, dahlias and lilies and guess what you can never go wrong with roses, but if you want to give her a bouquet you can try mixing things up as per her taste.

Strategies for matching flowers to personalities:

Though most of the reliable local florists can easily arrange delivery anywhere in your locality but they also welcome people to come in, get advice in putting together as per the client needs and hand-delivering it outer state with a little more charges. Modern florists can put together a bouquet for any reason even for Independence Day. Guys enjoy flowers too sometimes. Though there is the stereotype that floral bouquets are for ladies. Your recipient’s home or workplace can be easily improved with floral combinations or plants that are more neutral and don’t smell so flowery.

Flowers can fit any occasion. Happy birthday and get well soon flowers are nice and Valentine’s Day flowers are almost a requirement nowadays. This is the perfect way to add a little happiness to someone’s day. Different assortment of flowers like roses, chrysanthemum, lavenders a bit of leaves and steams should also but there along with some decorations and if the flowers are fresh then only a bunch or roses can put a big smile on the receivers face.

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