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Who does not like the season of spring that brings so many colours to the nature. This phase of blossom is seen only once in a year but with right choice of designs, you can bring it inside your home and experience the season for complete 365 days of the year. A delicate floral touch to vital elements of your dear home and you can successfully welcome nature’s spring into your home. Imagine coming home to a grand floral essence — it will not only revive your energy after a tiring day but also fill your daily life with a realm of positivity. Here are a few tips on how to rejuvenate your home with the help of a floral theme:


Enhance your wall with Flower Mural @TheRoyaleIndia

Add the essence of beautiful flowers in your home throughout the year by using floral murals on the walls.

To enhance your sparkling mood and to make you feel better when you are blue, the universal gift of nature-flowers is the best solution. And seeing them on the walls of every room can well prove to be the best thing you did to your interiors. Roses, lilacs with soft pastel colours or flowers that gravitate toward the bright vivid shades, like lilies and orchids — use them to liven up your walls. Nothing like the spirit of a fresh bouquet to make your home look fresh as ever. A dash of floral murals in the bedroom, living room or even bathroom, and you are sure to enhance your interior design by several notches.


Floral Curtains to brighten up your home @TheRoyaleIndia

Curtains are a very important element of interiors as they play a major role in creating the right ambiance of your house.

A floral curtain is sure to add warmth and beauty to the room. Floral curtains can be used in various rooms and in different ways, such as a complementary window dressing to matching cushions, sofas, murals, textures and rugs or as a prominent floral focal point to a room. Curtains are such versatile products; they are practical, fashionable and functional. A beautiful set of floral curtains can instantly enhance the look and feel of a room.


Floral Coasters @TheRoyaleIndia

Coasters generally come in a pack of four and play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your dining room.

Foral coasters are known for their beauty and versatility. Some floral motif coasters depict bunches of roses in varied hues and use antique finishes and patinas for added effect. Glass coasters with dried preserved flowers enclosed in the base are a delicate variation on the standard flower coaster and can look great in your dining room. Whatever design you choose, it will surely add a sense of eating alfresco.


Floral Bedsheets for the bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia

Your bedroom is the most special place for you in the entire home where you spend some sacred Me time.

Bed sheets used in the bedroom make up from an important part of the decor. Only the right kind of bed sheet used can emit the energy that you want in the room. A floral bed sheet in the bedroom not only beautifies the room but also spreads a sense of peace and happiness in the room. On days when you feel low, a beautiful floral bed sheet in the room can help emit a pleasant energy that can eventually change your mood for the better

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