6 Ways to Rock the Floral Style!!!

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In the scorching heat of this dreadful season you can’t help but feel the Summertime Sadness. Don’t let your fashion sense take a backseat because of this inevitable sadness though. Floral prints with bright colours, beautiful designs and gorgeous patterns are here to cheer you up and make you look pretty! They’re literally everywhere nowadays. On tops, summer dresses, gowns, shoes, bags and even on the frames of some really stylish sunglasses!

But, however excited these floral prints might get you, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of varieties and you can’t, might I say DARE not wear them all at once!

Here are a few looks you can try so that you can take advantage of this wonderful fad in full bloom!

floral print dress @TheRoyaleIndia

Casual Elegance

floral prints with jacket @TheRoyaleIndia

Here’s a match that’s not very conventional and this makes it just perfect for a casual summer afternoon. Pick out a bright floral summer dress, pair it with a chic denim jacket, add a pair of your favourite sneakers, push on some stylish sunglasses on your pretty face and you’re good to go!

The Classic Belle

floral summer dress @TheRoyaleIndia

If you’re attending a nice party or a cocktail, you know exactly what everyone’s going to wear. You guessed it right, a summer dress! To stand out from the crowd and be the star of the party here’s what you can do.

flower print mini skirt @TheRoyaleIndia

Pair a cute flower print mini skirt with a plain top, high heels, some accessories as per your liking, finish the look with a nice handbag and voila! Enjoy the jealous stares.

Matching Matching

floral print shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

There are not just clothes with floral prints out there you know! So if you’re done mixing and matching floral prints with your clothing, now try it with your accessories. Experiment with matching floral print shoes and handbags to add some summer spunk to your otherwise normal attire.

Summer Day Out!

floral palazzo plants @TheRoyaleIndia

If you’re planning a fun day out with your girlfriends, you would like to have something comfortable on while looking classy. To achieve that particular task is not very tough.

floral pants with crop top @TheRoyaleIndia

Try to pair Palazzo pants with a crop top and add some accessories if you like.

The conventional summer queen

floral print maxis @TheRoyaleIndia

image credit: women-trends-fashion.blogspot.com

Put those summer dresses aside, try beautiful floral print maxis. They make you look tall and lean while the floral pattern adds more elegance to your natural beauty.

floral print maxi dresses @TheRoyaleIndia

The best part about these maxis is that they’re comfortable and you can wear them anywhere, anytime without feeling out of place.

Accessorize to mesmerize

floral print sun glasses @TheRoyaleIndia
floral bracelets @TheRoyaleIndia

Floral prints on tops, skirts, pants, dresses is something you just can’t miss.

floral necklaces @TheRoyaleIndia

But that’s not all that floral prints have captured, there’s jewellery too. So if you’re planning on going out in plain clothes, you can adorn fabulous floral print jewellery to add charm to your simple attire.

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