Flaunt Your Outdoor Wedding Look – Here’s how

October 16, 2014 Flaunt Your Outdoor Wedding Look - Here’s how. @TheRoyaleIndia 605 0 0

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There is this smile flashing every now and then. Congratulations being showered from your near and dear ones. Sweetness fills those days and romance completes those nights. Wedding bells do this to you. And why not, everything you do during this courtship period only makes you happier and lovelier. There are a zillion things to be done once your red-letter day is announced. The most loved part is undoubtedly shopping. Isn’t it?

Apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and this and that, the list goes on and on. There are times when you don’t need to shop certain things, but you buy them since you have a wedding license to shop full-on.

Picture this: You are passing by some store where the mannequins have donned some awe-inspiring designer dresses. You go inside just to ask the price for the same, but you end up trying one of them inside the fitting room. Awww. You look stunning. But hey, you don’t need it now. You mull over something and find yourself paying for that dress stating – that dress claimed you.

This is bound to happen since shopping is the greatest joy you could ever find in this universe. But hey, choosing the right summer wedding attire is essential. You should look the summer bride beauty on your ostentatious day – your wedding that is.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing right summer dress for your wedding in summer.


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When you are off to shopping for your wedding dress, location is vital. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding like on a beach or a garden or an open ground, chose your attire accordingly. Long or fluffy attire should be avoided since it would be difficult to move around comfortably on the bushes or sand.


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Your dress fabric demands attention. The way you carry yourself in that scorching heat is what matters the most. Therefore, the fabric you chose for your dress should not be heavy. It should be more like chiffon, crepe, cotton eyelet, cotton organdy, organza, georgette and voile. These fabrics are light in weight and comfort you all day long. If you decide to go for combination of fabrics, make sure that you do not chose too many of them. Heavy materials like satin, brocade, velvet and fur are a strict no no during summer weddings.


Outdoor wedding dress color @TheRoyaleIndia

The colour palette is yet another significant thing on the list. Your attire should be in the hues of bright or dark depending upon your skin type and season you are getting married. Since it is outdoors we are talking about more of dark sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green, and other jewel colors; namely, purple, deep pink, yellow, orange, etc. Nevertheless, you can try a wedding dress in red or in pastel colors like pink or lavender or mint green.


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Coming to the length part of the dresses, knee length or those dresses till calves would be a cooler option for an outdoor wedding. But if you are keen on donning a long dress make sure that the material is such which won’t stick to the skin. As far as neckline is concerned it should be trendy yet exude elegance. Strapless dresses or sagging shoulder pattern should be apt for a summer wedding.


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Last but not the least, when it comes to the fit of the attire, there should be no compromise. See to it that the wedding dress fits you well and makes you smile and look lovely too. During a summer wedding see to it that it is not body fit so as to avoid rashes.

Wedding is a onetime extravagance. Make sure you glitter at your best.

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