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The wedding and festive seasons are here again! Whether you stay up north during those freezing winters or if you stay anywhere else, you want to look H-O-T. Of course with those aunties going tsk tsk at your plunging necklines, you realize it’s time to dress up slightly more conservatively from the front. But the back is completely another story! So let us not waste time and get down to the types of backless options and tips and tricks to wear ‘em.


deepika padukone @TheRoyaleIndia

Traditional Indian wear looks beautiful no matter what. But at times it can be boring. So you tend to gobble up the fashion week footage and grab every copy of those magazines to see how you can look different this wedding season and the most versatile of all elements to play with is the blouse or the choli.

madhuri dixit @TheRoyaleIndia

A blouse can be paired with an indo-western skirt, a lehenga or a saree. The blouse can be a boring traditional one, but now days you can cray-cray with boat neck, halter, one shoulder, strapless, thin straps, a diamond back cut, a plunging back … whew! Remember Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun where she wears the iconic saree with a backless, full sleeves blouse? Or Priyanka Chopra’s little number in Desi Girl?

deepika tradional @TheRoyaleIndia

Or how about a nice kurta, hmm? You can go all out with those backless options as well whether you wear it phulkari pants or a chudidar or any other bottom.

Whatever you choose, you can make the back of your outfit more interesting with embellished straps or latkans hanging in the middle of your back. You can also go for a caged look on your back where there are few straps either parallel to each other (horizontally) or criss-crossing each other. Get these done in contrast colours or diamantes.

deepika party wear @TheRoyaleIndia

Now coming to western wear- We know not all of us have washboard abs to sport crop tops (if you do you are so lucky. We hate you). Then what option does a girl have to show some skin? The back of course! There are thankfully a lot of options in western wear for that. You can get a racer back, halter top, a cross back, a cowl back, one shoulder, strapless and a big key-hole. Wear a floor length gown or a sporty dress or a casual top with these options and watch yourself transform!

Let us now get down to the way these have to be worn, shall we?

Tips & tricks

First and foremost, the trick to wearing any backless outfit is to make sure the front is modest. You don’t want to look crass with a plunging back and front.

In case you end up wearing a traditional outfit or floor length gown, heels are very important. The heels will give you the much needed posture otherwise flats will just make your back slouch and that is going to be an ugly sight.

shilpa party wear @TheRoyaleIndia

You have to have a toned back if you are wearing anything with a deep back. Rolls of fat do not make for a sexy look. However, if like me, you are not blessed with one and you know your exercises aren’t going to give you that much needed toned back before the season is upon us, then play with sheer fabrics (your back can be completely sheer) or have a diamond cut on the middle of your upper back but not a big one. Else opt for halter where the back comes just below the shoulder blades, hiding the fat.

sonam kapoor @TheRoyaleIndia

Speaking of exercises there is an easy one. Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Spread your arms and legs to form an ‘X’. Squeeze your glutes and lift the left arm and right leg along with your head upto at least 3 inches. Count till 5 and slowly lower your body parts. Repeat with the right arm and left leg. Continue for a total of 10 counts.


Next we come to is lingerie. Showing any kind of lingerie underneath is a big no-no unless you are wearing a casual top with a plunging back and it’s the bandeau bra which is meant to be seen. The one extremely crucial lingerie to have is the convertible bra. This bra has detachable straps which means it can be worn strapless, with a one shoulder strap, with a halter strap or make an ‘X’ on the back for the cross straps on your top. Now days you also get a lot of accessories to play around with your lingerie. In case you are wearing a low back, then you can get a low back bra converter which is nothing but a big stretchable strap that is supposed to be hooked on to the back hooks and it brings the bra strap down by 3 inches. It is available online. In case your outfit has a seriously low back, then get the adhesive strapless bras or the stick-ons. These are not visible and give you the front coverage that you need.

Now you have that beautiful outfit in place, you have the right lingerie but what about the look? To look fab your back is supposed to be scrubbed and cleaned to remove the spots, tanning, pigmentation and dead skin. When we pay so much attention to our face, neck and décolleté then the back should not be ignored. Get those long handled loofahs to scrub your back once a week. Before wearing the outfit, make sure your back is moisturized. Dry flaky skin does not look good anywhere on the body.

The entire point of wearing such an outfit is to show some skin. So make sure your hair is tied in a bun or a messy braid. If you have long hair and leave it open just sweep it to one side.

Now start making notes about your dream outfit for this wedding season whilst you croon with Justin Timberlake, ‘I am bringing sexy back…..’

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