5 Gadgets That Help You Stay Fit

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That feeling when you’ve worked out the whole month but the weighing scale won’t budge! How do you know what works best for you? Running in the morning, or that awkwardly quiet yoga class??

Thank God for technology, we now have a gadget for that too. It’s like the creepy stalker that knows everything, and measures every step you take! Except for its not creepy, it’s only more efficient, and makes life so easy!

You want one, don’t you? Well here’s a few of them, to get you all enthusiastic about becoming fit! (Don’t wait until New Year, midyear resolutions is a thing now!)

1. Nike Fuelband

Nike Fuel Band India @TheRoyaleIndia

Available on Amazon India – Price : 13000 INR

The Nike Fuelband is an extremely smart device that not only measures whole-body movement but also has move reminders and insights to help you train better. It can be connected to the phone through Bluetooth and comes in volt, pink foil, total crimson and black (the others are colors too)! You can also use it to brag by sharing your progress with others! Now that’s some motivation to stay fit! Did I mention is looks absolutely stylish!

2. Withings smart body analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer India @TheRoyaleIndia

Available on Ebay – Price : 17000 INR (Approx)

This is one smart device, and you don’t need to carry it around! The smart body analyzer tracks body weight and composition, and heart rate just by stepping on it it also provides feedback and tips to achieve the desired weight. The body analyzer also comes with a indoor air quality monitor that notifies you when you need some fresh air!

3. Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex India @TheRoyaleIndia

Available on Flipkart – Price : 7000 INR

The Fitbit Flex helps to live a healthier life by keeping a track of your steps, calories, stairs climbed and activity and wakes you up with a salient alarm. It can also set targets and track progress which connected to the mobile or computer. It comes in sky blue, crimson, green and black!

4. Nike + kinect training

Nike Kinect Training @TheRoyaleIndia

Available on Amazon – Price : 22000 INR

For the gamers trying to be fit, this device can be connected to the Xbox 360. It tracks all the moves and progress and measures fitness. It’s like a personal trainer that assesses and informs you about the improvements over time. It comes with an app that allows you to access your console activity and plan for upcoming sessions.

5. Mi Band.

Mi Band India Buy @TheRoyaleIndia

Available on Flipkart – Price : 999 INR

One of the most user friendly and pocket friendly product available today is the Mi Band. With is beautiful looking sleek design and a wide color range this product if sure to become a fitness freak’s favorite. It comes with a compact oval shaped tracking module with a matte chrome finish. The product is extremely light weight and can be worn underwater too! It does not have a display, but comes with 3 LEDs. It can tracks steps, distance and also comes with a sleep tracker. You can also use it to set an alarm and it vibrates when you get a call. So how do you track your performance?? The device syncs with a user friendly mobile app. All that for a price of 999 (approx). It’s time you make that run to the tech store!

So get up and get going! From fit to fitter (because there’s no such thing as fat!).

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