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Do you depend on your morning cup of tea to recharge your leftover day? Do you crave a warm hug of tea more than a human company? Does the quality of your day depend on the strength of your tea? This means you are definitely a tea lover if not a connoisseur. Then you should definitely learn about the basics of the world of teas. Here we will discuss the First Flush range of TeaBox, a leading name in the industry.

TeaBox is an online portal that delivers tea leaves every single day from the renowned tea estates of India like Darjeeling, Assam, and the hills of Nilgiris and the land of Nepal. They believe an exceptional cup of tea has more value than just being a staple part of the mornings.

What is a flush?

A common misunderstanding is that the act of harvesting is considered synonymous to harvesting of the tea leaves. While the true meaning of flush is the time period when the plat of tea starts growing new leaves that can be harvested. Based on what type of tea is being produced use of machine harvesting or manual harvesting is done.

It is considered that the plants sleep during the season of winters and awakens in the spring completing a flush and marking the start of the spring harvest. The terminologies vary in each tea growing community, but Darjeeling teas are generally referred to as ‘First Flush’ and ‘Second Flush.’

The Darjeeling First Flush

The birth of very first leaves of tea on the tea plant after dormancy is referred to as First Flush. The harvest time varies from region to region. It can be from late February to mid-April, or from early March through mid-April.

This is regarded as the finest flush of the growing season; sometimes this is called as the Easter Flush or the Spring Flush. This variety is highly famous between tea connoisseurs. The leaves are harvested when they are still tender and plucked with their new shoots from the bushes.

The leaves are plucked in a bud-and-two-leaves combination. The first flush produce contains the maximum of antioxidants, caffeine, and L-theanine stimulant. Although, the shelf life of the tea leaves isn’t very long. The first flush is said to be boasting of a pale colour ranging from light yellow to red colour. The tea has a flowery aroma with a delicate tasting. It is a classic lightly infused beverage option. It can be drunk as a black tea, white, or even greenish and peachy tea.

The end of the season of the first flush is marked by the pouring of rains. The bushes then bathe and soak their roots in the water before entering into a brief time period of dormancy or the next cycle.

The Flush Box by TeaBox caters to our taste buds with 5 different flavours. The quality of the leaves is finest that reflects in each sip.

1) Burnside spring green

Instructions to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Burnside spring green is among the best producers of high-quality orthodox green teas in India. The tea leaves produce a lovely bright lemony cup that is cherished by the connoisseurs. It’s tipped with concentrated, rich-textured and high-fired flavours attributed to the heavy roasting and pan firing it’s subjected to. The exotic tea leaves come from the hills of Nilgiri. The tea has medium caffeine with a robust and full bodied taste. The taste is strong and dominating with the aroma of burnt wood.

2) Temi Spring Clonal Black

Instructions to brew a perfect cup of tea.

These instructions are per cup

Have you ever come across a black tea that is so light and mellow in taste? This is a must-try black tea from the famous Temi tea garden that has delicious tart undertones! The warm aroma and fruity in taste, the blend comes directly from the foothills of North East India to your doorsteps. The cup is full of hope and taste. The tea has medium caffeine, light amber hue and best for the days when you need a hug from your teacup. After a stressful day at your office, this is the calmness you are looking for.

3) Glenburn Classic spring green

Instructions to brew a perfect cup of tea.

The state of Darjeeling prides itself on producing one-of-a-kind Spring teas

This Glenburn Classic spring green tea is a befitting testament of the same. A perfectly brewed cup has a uniquely sweet aftertaste and an inviting earthy aroma. All you need is one sip to get bewitched and go green forever. With each sip, you get closer to the enchanted forests. You can reach out to it whenever you want to unwind yourself and relax.

4) Giddapahar classic spring chinary black tea

Instructions to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Giddapahar is among the few gardens that still produce traditional styles of Darjeelings from old Chinary bushes. The Chinary bushes of Giddapahar tend to be mellower, smoother, and more aromatic than most. The season’s well-rolled leaves bring to you the cup a fragrance that is subtle and sweet, and flavours that are fruity-floral. The fragrance of the tea is subtle and sweet with a fruity floral palette. The tea has a bright golden hue and is a perfect companion to your healthy breakfast.

5) Oaks special spring chinary black tea.

Instructions to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Oaks special spring chinary black tea is perfect for people who enjoy a light brew with mellow notes. The tea has spicy undertones that make it a must have after a heavy afternoon meal. This tea comes from mellow black tea from the mist covered hills of Sonada makes for an impressive Darjeeling. This speciality hails from Oaks estate is an arresting light gold liquored chinary just like most seed-grown chinary teas of the season.

It is indeed the best way to start your day with a hot steaming cup of freshly brewed tea at your bedside. Waking up to light aroma of the finest golden brown liquor is a dream that you can achieve by ordering this Flush Box easily. It is a definite treat for your senses that will keep you rejuvenated, energised for the day and ready for all the moments of your life.

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