First ever glasses free 3D phone to be launched by Amazon

June 11, 2014 First ever glasses free 3D phone to be launched by Amazon @TheRoyaleIndia 715 0 0

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If the YouTube teaser is to be decoded and the rumours are right, on June 18 what Amazon is going to unveil is a 3D smart phone with an intuitive interface implying no requirement of 3D glasses. Anyone who wants to witness the unveiling ceremony can request an invitation from Amazon and verify the rumour himself/herself on June 18.

Amazon’s upcoming launch event to be hosted by CEO Jeff Bezos at Seattle is likely to be different than most major smartphone unveiling event as the other events are announced via private invites within the industry and media.

The speculations of 3D smart phone are made after Amazon posted a 50-second video on You Tube. In the video, people are staring downward at something just off-camera and moving their heads from side-to-side to try different vantage points and also making comments like “It’s very real-life,” and “I don’t know how you guys do it.” One user in the video comments that the device is quite which deciphers that probably the device is not going to cause any inconvenience in usage. It seems Amazon has used the tracking technology and removed the glasses interface usually required for viewing 3D content. Well, we need to lay our hand on it to configure it out right!!

Amazon has denied revealing any details about the product so as to maintain the surprise element on the day of the launch of glass free 3D phone, a first of its kind. If the rumours are true, this will be the first try by Amazon to break into the Smartphone market.

All the speculations will be verified only after the official launch on June 18.

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