9 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Performance And Increase Your Productivity At Work

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Feng Shui, being an ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical things to attract Chi (positive energy) can help you achieve a better understanding, equilibrium and balance in your life. Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that placing different objects in a room or building affects the flow of energy within the space. To enhance your productivity or to bring out the best in your employees, you must create positive energy to boost the performance of everyone within that space.

Since we tend to spend almost one-third of a day in the workspace, it becomes crucial that we take note of the following Feng Shui tips to give a direction to our career:

1. Where to Sit

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If you want to take command of your room, try to sit in the corner farthest from the door to see who enters the room.

Try not to sit in-line with the door, as this will bring you into the path of negative energy which can harm your productivity and affect your state of mind.

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If you sit in a place from where you can look straight into the corridor, elevators, toilets, escalators, stairs, or storage rooms, then do not waste time and get your seat changed for good.

2. Have a sturdy back support

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Your energy will get weak if you have your back to windows, door or overall office interiors. So, you must always sit with a tall and strong structure like a wall or a row of big and lush plants behind you to render the support of a mountain.

3. Avoid Sitting Back-to-back and Face to face

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If you are sharing your office space with your colleagues, try to avoid sitting back to back and face to face as both the positions are said to create a conflict. If you cannot avoid sitting face to face, then consider forming a small barrier with a row of plants or photos.

4. Incorporate stress relievers

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Furniture with sharp edges is known to create undue stress and anxiety. So, choose furniture with rounded corners to keep the tension to a minimum. You must also avoid using strong lights.

5. Declutter your office desk

Feng shui tips office declutter desk @TheRoyaleIndia

A cluttered space is said to create a cluttered mind… It is said to bring bad Feng Shui to the office and creates confusion and chaos. Clutter can also be the reason behind the unexplained stress that you experience in the office. But keep in mind that de-cluttering does not mean that you must remove everything from your desk, rather you must arrange it properly.

6. Place an aquarium on the table

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It is believed that placing a small aquarium or table top fountain (water body) in the North or East direction on your office desk will give a boost to your career and help achieve immense success at work.

7. Importance of placing plants on office desk

Feng shui tips office desk @TheRoyaleIndia

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Putting a small potted plant like bamboos on your office desk is an excellent way to create a healthy environment. Many plants are known to absorb toxins and ward off negative energies that may trouble a person.

8. Bagua Map

Feng shui tips office desk bagua grid @TheRoyaleIndia

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Bagua map is one of the most fundamental tools that Feng Shui practitioners often use. This nine-part grid depicts that various areas of any space (office, home, office desk, etc.) and how each of these sections corresponds to the different areas of your life. Each of the sections in the Bagua map is associated with a particular colour. For instance, if it is wealth and prosperity that you are looking for, then consider placing a healthy money plant or a valuable item (like crystal vase) in the back left corner of the desk. It is also the perfect spot where you can place your computer. So, you must use objects of that colour without going overboard as clutter blocks creativity.

9. Never face away from the main entrance

Always remember that you must never face away from the main door (especially avoid this if you are conducting business from home). It is believed that business or work will symbolically come through the door, so you must never have your back on it.

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