Nine Easy-To-Implement Feng Shui Tips To Bring You Good Luck

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There is not a single person in this universe who would ever say a no to an extra bit of luck. One of the most efficient ways to bring good luck and fortune into your life is through Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a 3000-year old Chinese art and science that teaches us how to balance the energies in any space to bring good fortune into the lives of the people.

One of the elementary beliefs of Feng Shui is that an individual is influenced by everything in his surroundings. So, if you arrange your surroundings in a manner that balances the energies, you will be able to excel in every field and achieve great success.

Here are some Feng Shui tips that you can easily implement to bring good luck:

1. Keep a plant:

Feng shui tips for luck Plants blue pot @TheRoyaleIndia

Flourishing and thriving plants are symbolic of growth and prosperity. According to Feng Shui, having a plant in a blue pot and keeping it in the far left corner of your home, brings good fortune. Place three shiny coins under the pot to enhance your luck even more.

2. Surround yourself with the colour green:

Feng shui tips for luck green colour @TheRoyaleIndia


The colour green is often associated with good luck. Surround yourself with different hues of green to change your fortune. If you are starting something new, go for the pale green. To continue a persistent growth in the right direction, go for leaf green. To culminate projects and ventures, go for the dark green.

3. Add items made from wood:

Feng shui tips for luck wooden furniture @TheRoyaleIndia


Wood is one of the five elements of Feng Shui. It symbolises nature’s potential for growth and prosperity. Surrounding yourself with items made from wood will make a huge difference to your fortune.

4. Go for stripes:

Feng shui tips for luck wear vertical stripes @TheRoyaleIndia

Wearing striped patterns will also bring you luck. Vertical patterns are considered more favourable since it is believed that they connect heaven and earth. So, the next time you need that extra bit of luck, do wear a dress that has stripes, preferably the vertical ones.

5. Fountain magic:

Feng shui tips for luck water fountain @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep a small water fountain near the front entrance of your home to excel on the career front. However, always keep ample water in the fountain and make sure you change it regularly. Never let it run dry. To further boost your luck, place three Feng Shui coins in the water body.

6. Keep the front entrance of your home clean and properly illuminated:

To bring luck into your home, always keep the front opening well-lit and clean. If it’s not, luck and prosperity might evade you. Also, make sure the light is always in working condition.

7. Keep an aquarium in your home:

Feng shui tips for luck aquarium @TheRoyaleIndia

Fish, especially goldfish is believed to bring good luck. Keeping an aquarium with eight black fish and one goldfish is especially beneficial. However, be sure to keep it either in the front entrance, far left corner or towards the left side of your house.

8. Display fresh flowers:

Keeping fresh flowers in your home will not only add a sense of freshness to the ambience but also bring good fortune. However, Feng Shui recommends not having flowers with thorny stems since they can have a negative impact.

9. The colour of your front door:

Feng shui tips for luck door colour @TheRoyaleIndia

Do you know that even the colour of your front door can also have an effect on your luck? According to Feng Shui, doors facing South should be in red or orange colours, doors facing North should be blue or black, doors facing West should be grey or white, and doors facing East should be brown or green.

Feng Shui is all about creating a balance of energies in your surroundings, so be careful and not overdo it as well.

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