10 Iconic Baaps of Bollywood

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Mera Baap Chor Hai’, this iconic tattoo has certainly made its name in the history of Bollywood cinema. The baap in this cinema was ‘Anand Verma’(Satyendra Kapoor), and he certainly did inspire Amitabh to fight for his rights (although later circumstances led him to becoming a criminal). Much like this, Fathers have played an important role in many of the Bollywood movies. While some have been Good and some have been Bad, we’ve had father figures embracing various emotions onscreen.

1. Protective Fathers (the ones who think they know the best)

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Quiet often we come across fathers who are so protective that they forget to give space to their growing kids. I am sure no one would forget Amrish Puri’s character as Simran (Kajol)’s father. He thought he always knew what’s best for her.

2. Ideal, stereotypical Babuji

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The WHOLE world knows him!!! There can be no better father to anyone than our very own Alok Nath! There is an endless list of movies like Hum Apke Hain Kaun, Vivah, Pardes, Hum Saath-Saath Hain and more where he has been portrayed as the most Sanskaari and soft-hearted father.

3. Over-expecting, Ignorant Papa

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When we talk about Taare Zameen Par, the innocent and struggling face of Ishaan (Darsheel Zafary) comes to our mind. Remember his father? Nandkishore Awasthi (Vipin Sharma), who kept punishing and pushing him without giving a thought as to why his son can’t do certain things that all others can.

4. Unforgiving and Vengeful Pitaah

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If you’ve not watched this 2002 release, then watch it today to see how a poor labourer turns into a resentful being and seeks revenge from the cruel zamindaars who brutally rape his merely nine-year old daughter.

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Amitabh Bachchan in Viruddh has also been shown in a pretty similar character where he avenges his son’s untimely death.

5. Abusive and Authoritarian Father

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A cult film already, released in 2010, Udaan stars Ronit Roy as an oppressive father who would take out his frustration by mercilessly beating-up his boys.

6. Responsible yet Cool Dad

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In the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Amitabh Bachchan, the legend of Bollywood played a cool and sexy father (Sam) who was also a playboy. He had his own way of seeing and living life to the fullest. He completely personified the word “Daddy Cool”!

7. Determined and Supportive Father

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This Anil Sharma flick stars Dharmendra as an ex-boxer, and his sons, Sunny and Bobby Deol are boxers eyeing a championship. The disgraced father trains his sons real hard to clear his name and the sons give up their personal dreams for their father’s aspirations. The special bond between the three reflected beautifully on the screen.

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Raj Babbar in the famous Madhur Bhandarkar movie, Fashion, has a small yet strong role. He portrays a father who encourages his daughter Meghna (Priyanka Chopra) to fight back when she gets depressed and completely struggles in her career.

8. Struggling Single Papa

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Remember that song – “Oh I Love you Daddy” – the voice of young Aditya Narayan in this lovely song is unforgetful; likewise, is the character of Amir Khan. In this awesome movie, our Mr. Perfectionist has been shown struggling to take care of his falling career. How he keeps up with the little needs of his only son is worth watching.

9. Miser, Offensive Father

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Two hearts beating at the same time, Aamir Khan as Raja and Madhuri Dixit as Madhu, were shown madly in love with each other in this movie. But then his father (played by Anupam Kher), a miser comes into picture and relentlessly separates them. He agrees to save the life of his only son, Raja on a condition that Madhu would divorce him and never see him again.

10. Thoughtful Dad

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The Namesake, a Mira Nair classic had Irrfan Khan in one of the most sensitive roles he’s played. The mindful and benevolent Ashoke Ganguli (Irrfan) tries to guide and educate his son Gogol (Kal Penn) who’s struggling to fit-in the New York lifestyle and is indifferent to his own cultural heritage.

So, who’s your favourite Dad??

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