Father’s Day Do It Yourself Ideas

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Father’s Day is a special day when you start scrambling your brains for possible gifts. Though fathers never give a lot of importance to these days, they will always appreciate a token of love from their kids. And your dad certainly does not deserve another old tie to add to his already large collection. So what do you give him? How about making something yourself? Your dad is always going to treasure something you made out of your own hands – as will you. Here are some creative do-it-yourself Fathers Day ideas which your dad is definitely going to appreciate, and which are quite easy to make too.

Photo Box

DIY Photo Box for your dad @TheRoyaleIndia

This one is easy to make. All you need are a couple of roughly same-sized boxes – which always seem to be lying around the house. Just make sure that these boxes are more or less intact and not too small. Now, start hunting for photos of you and your dad – all those times you spent together, playing, laughing – generally having fun. All you have to do now, is to paste these photos on the boxes. You can paste one photo a side, or make a collage of sorts on the box. Be careful to completely cover the outside of the boxes. And then, you simply have to put these boxes together, and write a message on them. The message can be anything – a dad quote, how much you love your father, or simply the words ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ – its up to you! This gift will always be dear to your heart – as well as your father’s. This is the one gift your father is going to love!

The Coupon Book

DIY Coupon Book for your dad @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, a coupon book. All your dad has to do is to whip out a coupon from this book and in exchange, he gets something from you – maybe, a back rub, or a car wash, a hug, or just an afternoon of peace and quiet. And how to go about making it? It’s not very difficult. Just bring together a bundle of papers, sketch-pens, pencils, glitter and other stationary and work your magic. Put those papers together to form a sort of a book, with each page containing a coupon which entitles your dad to a special treat from you. The coupon book can contain as many coupons as you want – 10, 20, 50 – and is valid throughout the year. But you also have to remain true to your word, and perform your duty when dad flashes a coupon, or the meaning of the gift will be lost. Easy to make – the coupon book is really going to make your father happy!

The All-About-Dad Jar

All good things about your dad in a jar @TheRoyaleIndia

Who doesn’t like hearing compliments? Well, dads are no different. Inside that hard, rough (or alternately, not-so-hard) demeanor, fathers are quite mushy creatures. And what better moment to reveal that mushiness to the world than on Father’s Day? And the best way to do that is by presenting an All-About-Dad jar to your old man. Another easy-to-make gift, all you have to do is write down all the reasons why you love your dad on individual strips of paper. If you want, you can decorate the strips a bit, by adding a border or sprinkling glitter. That done, put all these decorated (or not, if you’re the lazy type) strips in a single jar. It can be any old jam jar or something which one frequently comes across in the house. You can also put a banner of sorts on the outside, declaring it to be a ‘ All-About-Dad Jar’. That is it. Your Father’s Day gift is sorted. Not only it will make your dad blush to the roots of his hair, it will also give you a chance to express what you never would have verbally.

From the obsessive to the easy-going dad, from the ever-busy to always-have-time dad, from the old to the new dad – every species of father is going to love the above gifts. The best part? All of these are easy, as well as fun to make. They also have the personal touch, which all those store-brought ties and #1 Dad cups will never have. Every father deserves to be appreciated like this, even when they adopt a don’t-care attitude. Even if you can’t give these gifts, at least give your daddy-o a smile, a hug. It will make your dad’s day.

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