Fasting – A Pathway to Healthy Living

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Fasting is the greatest remedy– the physician within” –Philippus Paracelsus, one of the three fathers of western medicine.

Why Fasting?

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Hinduism reckons a worshiper must make every effort to enforce restrains on himself/herself to get a focused mind. And among such restraints, fasting is familiar and eminent. It is recommended by all religions as well as modern physicians, for it,

  • Offers rest to the digestive system

  • Increases energy level

  • Facilitates cleansing and detoxification of our human system

  • Results into a feeling of physical lightness

  • Generates greater mental clarity

  • Boost up your spiritual connection

  • Espouses an inner stillness

  • Exercises self-discipline

Spiritual Value

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According to the spiritual context, when your body is physically de-toxed and cleansed, you will start feeling lighter, low dense feeling and achieve mental clarity. Therefore it promotes our attention inward and improves a greater sense of kinship with our inner being.

Fasting in terms of Religious Perspectives

“…And it is better for you that you fast, if you only knew.” — Qur’an chapter 2, verse 184

Fast and you will be healed (or cured).” — An authentic hadith of Prophet (PBUH)

The Hindu Mythology highly connotes the denial of the physical needs of the body to facilitate spiritual gains. The great ancient scriptures recommend fasting in order to create atonement with the Supreme by establishing a harmonious relationship between the body and the soul. This is considered very crucial for the well being of the mankind as it fosters both his/her physical and spiritual demands.

Great People’s Thoughts on Fasting

The best of all medicines is resting and fasting” – Benjamin Franklin

Instead of using medicine, better fast today” said by Plutarch, a Greek biographer as well as moralist.

Luqman The Wise, a well-known sage denoted, “When the stomach is full, the intellect will slumber. Wisdom goes mute and the parts of the body restrain from acts of righteousness.”

Tool for Self-Discipline: Not just fasting is considered as a part of veneration, but a great tool to restrain the strength of one’s will. It helps in exercising our mind and body to tolerate and coalesce against all destitution, to stick with under difficulties and not give up.

Physical and Medicinal Value

By inducing the body’s own healing mechanisms, any ailment such as asthma, allergy, digestive disorders of all kinds, skin problems, arthritis, cardiovascular malfunction and so on would prove significant improvement while regularly exercising this method of practice.

Weight Loss Mechanism

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Fasting has a great impact when it comes to any weight loss treatment. In the present day situation, obesity is a great threat to the majority of our population. Dieting regime guided by professional experts renders medical as well as psychological support during the period of treatment and promotes healthier food habits after the fast. Generally it is advised to take fasting in order to “get healthy” rather than to “lose weight”.

Frees Up Energy

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Physically, fasts cultivate quick healing process by freeing up the energy from our system. As it brings in the mental clarity and focus, it develops sovereignty, flexibility, and power to get done the things that are essential to you.

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