10 fashion mistakes that make you look shorter than you actually are!

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First things first: being short is not the end of the world. You can be five feet tall and still look drop-dead-gorgeous. It all depends on the fashion choices you make. You can change your appearance and look taller by making the right fashion choices.

So, ladies, it’s time to bid goodbye to some fashion mistakes you might be making that make you look shorter than you actually are. One wrong outfit selection is all that stands between looking fab and beautiful or short and bulky.

Here are some fashion blunders that should be avoided:

1. Don’t wear shoes that have a high vamp:

Fashion mistakes High Vamp or Low Vamp

Higher the shoe vamp, the shorter you’ll look. Opt for shoes that show a little skin as well! Such shoes create an illusion of longer legs thereby making you look tall. Strappy sandals and stilettos are a great option.

2. Avoid midi skirts:

Fashion mistakes lengths to avoid

If you are short, wearing midi skirts will make you look shorter. Opt for skirts that fall just above your knee or for floor length skirts. Go as short as you can without feeling uncomfortable.

3. Going for hairdos that fall below the neck:

As much as you love them, long hairdos make you look petite. Go for hairstyles that show your neckline. Short hair creates an illusion of height thereby making you look tall.

4. Stop carrying big bags and backpacks:

Fashion mistakes avoid big bags

I like big bags and I cannot lie! Sure they are handy, and you can almost fit your entire world in them, but ladies, these convenient big bags are making you look short. Instead, opt for clutches and small bags like messenger and satchel bags.

5. Pairing loose tops with loose bottoms:

Fashion mistakes avoid loose combinations

Instagram is proof that wearing loose clothes is a huge trend right now, so you have every reason to flaunt them. But don’t go for the overkill by pairing loose tops with loose bottoms. This combo will make you look short. Maintain a balance by wearing a loose top with a well-fitted bottom or do it the other way round.

6. Going for horizontal stripes:

Fashion mistakes avoid horital stripes

Opt for vertical stripes instead. They make you look tall and slim, unlike horizontal ones that make you look bulky and short.

7. Mixing too many prints in one outfit:

Fashion mistakes avoid excessive prints

Too many prints in one outfit will not only make your outfit look cluttered but will make you look short as well. Pick subtle, minimal prints or better yet, forgo print altogether and go for solid, monochromatic colours.

8. Wearing cropped pants and trousers:

Fashion mistakes trouser rules

It’s vital to create a straight silhouette with minimal visual distractions to look tall. So, it’s recommended to avoid cropped pants and trousers. Wear wide legged pants and trousers instead.

9. Accessorising too much or too little:

Fashion mistakes statement jewellery rules

Wearing too much or too little jewellery can also make you look short. Accessorising your look with a long, statement necklace will create an illusion of height. However, don’t add too many statement pieces in one ensemble.

10. Wearing the wrong kind of bra:

Even though it’s never visible and always hidden under layers, the bra that you wear DOES make a difference to your ensemble. The wrong kind can drag down your look. The right choice, on the other hand, will actually compliment your outfit.

So, ladies, the next time you are planning an outfit, just keep these pointers in mind. Don’t let these small fashion mistakes drag you down. Instead, step out of the house looking like a million bucks EVERY TIME!

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