Fan Movie Review – An Out-An-Out King Khan Flick

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Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan (in double role), Deepika Amin, Waluscha DeSousa, Sayani Gupta and Yogendra Tiku

Director: Maneesh

Main tera haaye re jabra, hoye re jabra fan ho gaya”… if this line seems to be stuck in your mind, don’t you worry. You aren’t the only one. And if you probably moved your feet to the beats, that’s ok too.

Fan movie shah rukh @TheRoyaleIndia


Talk about a King Khan movie, and you see many heads popping up trying to offer their take on the same, and this film isn’t going to be any different. Some may find it ground breaking while others may look at it as just another Shah Rukh Khan film.

But, if you ask a true SRK fan like me, all that you hear is, “Badshah Rocks!” By the way, have you seen the Trailer? In case, you haven’t, check it out below.

Fan movie releasing 15th april @TheRoyaleIndia


The story is about a 20-something guy named Gaurav (played by SRK) from Delhi who happens to eat, drink, breathe and live film star Aryan Khanna (played by SRK again). Gaurav adores Aryan Khanna as his God. With an intention to meet his idol, Gaurav decides to travel to Mumbai to wish Aryan Khanna on his birthday.

Unfortunately, the hero-worshiping Gaurav faces a huge disappointment, one that’s good enough to break his overly-excited heart. The love that he had for his God now turns into a brutal obsession that is just about to cross all boundaries.

Fan movie thriller @TheRoyaleIndia


The story takes an unexpected turn when the star tries to draw a line for his look-alike fan. Gaurav tries to prove to Aryan that he is his biggest fan, but Aryan doesn’t seem to bother much. Alright! Imagine you get a chance to meet your favourite superstar, but he/she isn’t quite interested in even talking to you. Now, that’s quite heart-breaking, isn’t it? That’s exactly what Gaurav must have gone through.

With this flick, King Khan has proved that he can greenlight to such challenging roles and go beyond his comfort zone Gaurav outshines the superstar in his role of cynic and obsession.

Shah rukh double role fan @TheRoyaleIndia

I am sure you must have watched the trailer which ends with a scene where Gaurav and Aryan are almost seen fighting each other. Is that how the movie is going to end? Will this movie with the exciting star and fan chasing sequences wrap up with a revenge? Or, probably Gaurav will succeed in proving to Aryan that he truly is his greatest fan.

Fan movie review @TheRoyaleIndia


Well, let’s not play the guessing games. It will be wise to watch it for ourselves and find out, as the movie is already out in theatres. With this movie making waves, you might find it difficult to get your preferred seats. So, why not make use of Bookmyshow offers and always get seats of your choice.

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It’s a story never told on the Indian Silver Screen before, but thanks to the changing mindset of Indian directors who are ready to go the unconventional way and come up with such projects. Of course, we did watch a couple of movies in the past with the leading actor playing 2 different roles. But, either they turn out to be brothers, or probably a guy underwent a plastic surgery to look just like the other. But, fortunately, this movie definitely doesn’t fit any of those categories!

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