The Journey Of The God Of Cricket – From A Mischievous Child To The Greatest Batsman

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The God of Cricket, as we all know him, Sachin Tendulkar, will turn 43 on the 24th April 2016. In his international cricket career spanning over two decades, he has made several new records and has gone to break several old ones. From being a mischievous bully as a child to becoming the greatest batsman in ODI, and only second to Sir Bradman in test cricket, there is so much about this master blaster that is still not known to many.

Sachin tendulkar 24thApril birthday @TheRoyaleIndia

So, today, on the 43th birthday of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, we at TheRoyale, pay our tribute to this God of Cricket:

1. He was born to a Marathi novelist father Ramesh Tendulkar and mother Rajni Tendulkar on 24th April 1973

Sachin family parents @TheRoyaleIndia


2. Sachin has three half-siblings: Ajit Tendulkar, Nitin Tendulkar, and Savita Tendulkar. It was in the year 1984 that his brother Ajit introduced him to cricket as a punishment to curb his bullying nature.

Sachin siblings @TheRoyaleIndia

3. Sachin was named by his father after the great musician Sachin Dev Burman (S D Burman)

Sachin named after SD burman @TheRoyaleIndia

4. A young Sachin wanted to become a fast bowler, but in the year 1987, Dennis Lillee, the coach at MRF Pace Foundation, asked him to concentrate on batting

Sachin wanted to be fast bowler @TheRoyaleIndia


5. In his early days, Sachin was a huge fan of John McEnroe (former Tennis legend). To copy his idol, he would grow his hair and tie a band just like John

Sachin long hair @TheRoyaleIndia

It took Sachin two matches to score a run

Sachin early days @TheRoyaleIndia

7. Holds a record for a 664-run partnership with his childhood friend and former player Vinod Kambli during the semi-finals of The Harris Shield Tournament in the year 1988

Sachin vinod kambli @TheRoyaleIndia

8. The Master Blaster is the only player to score over 11,000 runs and take 40 wickets in test cricket.

9. Sachin is the first active cricketer to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha

sachin rajya sabha @TheRoyaleIndia


10. This living legend is the first player to score a double century (against South Africa in 2010) in ODI

Sachin double century @TheRoyaleIndia

11. MRF sponsored the bats of Brian Lara, Sachin, and Steve Waugh and their bats were called Wizard, Genius (weighing 3.2lbs) and Champion, respectively

sachin lara waugh bats MRF @TheRoyaleIndia


12. This living legend is the first Indian player with no aviation background to be conferred by the Indian Air Force with the honorary rank of Group Captain

Sachin tendulkar honary captain air force @TheRoyaleIndia


13. Andrew Symonds, former Australian Captain once autographed a T-shirt for Sachin which read: “To Sachin, the man we all want to be

Andrew autographed t-shirt sachin @TheRoyaleIndia

14. Although Sachin is a right-handed batsman, he writes with his left hand

Sachin handwriting left hand @TheRoyaleIndia


15. Not many would know that the God of Cricket has a habit of sleepwalking and talking

16. To pay a tribute to Little Master, Network 18 Group has set up a 25-foot stainless steel bat (called the Bat of Honour) near Sachin’s residence

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