5 Face Yoga Exercises That Give Amazing Results

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To create an impression you need a smile that can win one million hearts. Wonder why babies look so cute all the time? They smile for at least 400 times a day, while adults only for 8. The stress builds up and then the tension and all overtakes.

Face yoga is one such way by which your face relaxes the wrinkles and stress building under the eyes and loosens up the tension from the face muscles. It is a yoga method which targets the muscles and nerve connections of the face. The exercises are really simple and quick. You don’t need any prop to get through it.

Here are the best five face yoga exercises-

1. Massaging the eyes

relieve tired eyes massage @TheRoyaleIndia

Just like your body needs massage, your eyes need it too! This will pull out all the tiredness out of your eyes and make them feel rejuvenated. Close your hands in a fist and keep your thumbs up. Close your eyes and massage your thumbs in rotating clockwise and after that anticlockwise. Do it for two-three minutes and repeat it if you need to.

2. Pull your ears

pull ears massage @TheRoyaleIndia

This is fun. Pull your ears lobes downwards for 30 seconds and then pull them upwards for 30 seconds. After this, rotate them anticlockwise and then clockwise for 30 seconds each. This exercise activates awareness in the person and releases the built up stress.

3. Kiss and tell

kiss and tell facial yoga @TheRoyaleIndia

Well, doing this in front of someone might think you are gone nuts. But this exercise is a stress buster. All you got to do is smile as wide as you can and then immediately form a pout as tight as you can. Repeat this exercise for 20-30 times. This exercise brightens up the face and also relaxes the muscles around the lips and the nose. And who doesn’t love red cheeks and a million dollar smile? Do this and both your wishes will be granted.

4. Stretch those eyebrows

facial yoga eyebrows @TheRoyaleIndia

This again is a really simple exercise. All you got to do is hold your eyebrows between your fingers in the middle and pull it or stretch it out towards the outside on either side. Do it for 5-6 times. This will cause the muscles around the eyes and those of the forehead to relax and ease up on the stress which often gets built there. If your head might be aching, doing this exercise would help with it as the headache is a result on excessive stress gathered in one area of the head.

5. Because cheeks don’t lie

facial yoga cheeks @TheRoyaleIndia

We all want to become thin but not lose those chubby cheeks. They are a huge asset and perfect every smile. Take in as much air as you can and puff the cheeks. Wait for 2-3 seconds and release the air through the mouth itself. Do this for 8-10 times for healthier cheeks with a good integrity of the muscles and nothing saggy. It strengthens the muscles and makes it look and feel healthier.

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