Face the reality this weekend with City Lights

May 30, 2014 Face the reality this weekend with City Lights @TheRoyaleIndia 422 0 0

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To start with City Lights presents realism. It is a solid, remorseless movie that doesn’t offer emotions, it is reminiscent of Mumbai city and it strikes you down when you are wrecked; and takes you in its arms and loves you as well.

City Lights is an adaptation of 2014 British-Filipino soap ‘Metro Manila’ but Hansal Mehta’s directorial approach is quite apparent in this film, you notice ‘city of dreams’ in a totally fresh, yet recognisable stance.

A mysterious, dark plot challenged by numerous traces of paradox. The storyline of City Lights is basically about a poor farmer ( Rajkummar Rao) and his wife ( debutante Patralekha) alongwith their kid from Rajasthan who lands in Mumbai seeking employment. However, very soon, they discover that existence in a metropolis is not so trouble-free as they have to confront troubles on a day-to-day basis. The film, in due course, takes a turn and explains how the family grows in the face of adversity; it is their love for each other that binds them against all odds.

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City Lights is not a movie that you go to watch for fun, it is poles apart from the regular masala film from Bollywood. Dark and depressing, City Lights is a tear jerker!! Mehta has made a sensible decision by choosing ‘struggler’ as a central theme of the movie, and not covering it in tragedy-but keeping the viewers captivated with his stroke of satire and a bunch of twists in the plot.

Once again, Rajkummar Rao has bested himself with an excellent performance. Patralekha, too, could not have desired for a better way to make her entrance to Bollywood.

So, should you plan to watch this movie? No, if you are looking for a cheerful slapstick while you chomp on your popcorn with family and friends. But, if you crave to watch an excellent movie, appreciate and encourage genuine film-making, book your tickets now!

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