Everything you need to know about Violins

May 6, 2017 Everything you need to know about violins 1256 5 0

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Pre-eminent Features of Violin

Violin is the most popular musical instrument and used in the wide variety of musical genres. The Violin has a beautiful hourglass shaped body and an arch on its top and back. The body of the violin is usually made of different kinds of wood. However, the electric violin may not necessarily be of a wooden material. It has four strings tuned one fifth apart from each other. Violin is a member of stringed musical instruments family accompanying the viola (large violin), the cello and the bass. Violin is casually known as Fiddle in the Irish traditional music.

Edifice of Violin

Violin makers are popularly known as luthier. They also reform the damaged violins and the violin bows. The wooden body of the violin is hollow with an extended neck from the top. Habitually Animal hide glue is used to assemble the parts of the violin. This glue is distinctly thinner and reversiblewhich makes it easier to disassemble the parts when required.

Violin needs a bow to play the music. The bow is raftered from a stick with fine ribbon formed from horse hair between the nut and the heel. Different bows sound different from each other.Rosin should be applied on the bow hair to get the sound out of it.

The Rosin is a small sticky piece made of pine sap.So, the next time when there is no sound make sure to apply the rosin on the bow hair.

Violin is like Wine: The Older, The Better

Basically, the age of the violin is the main criteria for better music.Older violin sounds much better than the newly purchased violin. The shape of the body, wood quality and the varnish applied also contribute to the sound of the violin.

Violins come with strings made of different materials like the gut strings for melody, steel strings for clear and crisper sounds etc. Thinner strings sound more focused whereas the thicker strings are louder and needs a little more effort to get the sound out of it. The strings come in different sizes (small, medium, large) and they need a regular replacement depending on the usage of the violin.

Tuning of the strings should be done under the guidance of the instructor. There are mere chances that the string could be broken by the amateurs.When compared to old string, a new string usually needsmore tuning to enhance the stretching. Tuners and the pegs are used for tuning the violin. Make sure to tune the violin before every playing session.

Holding the Violin the Right Way

The traditional way of holding the violin is to chinrest the instrument on the left side of the jaw. Then it is supported by the left shoulder while you manoeuvre the bow using the right hand.

The violin is played standing up when played solo or played seated in a symphony. The stance is crucial for the quality of the sound while playing.

Nurturing your Violin

Nurturing the violin is imperative as it is a delicate instrument to be handled with care. Look out for the below tips:

• Scuffle strings – Ensure to check the 4 strings often.

• Rosin accretion – Wipe off the rosin build-up with a soft and a clean cloth regularly.

• String restoration – Restore the unwrapped strings whenever required.

• Loosen or tighten the string regularly.

• Check the chinrest screws and the fine tuner screws every time before playing.

• Wipe off the dust and keep the instrument clean.

For the Violin Enthusiast

This interesting instrument might attract even ayoung kid. Encouraging the kid to promote the learning and practicing of violin is crucial.It is always good to consider the age of the learner when buying a new violin. Buy a cheaper or a used one to learn before investing on anexpensiveviolin. Learning can be a lot of fun and a wonderful way to express your feelings.

If you are the one who is longing to learn this instrument any time soon. It is best recommended to take up violin classes from a well experienced and a patient teacher. If you do not have the luxury of the time, then the online violin classes with a live violin teacher to answer all your queries will just work fine too. Musical cd’s and videos can also assist you in learning violin. When you decide to do something, get going!

Benediction of Playing the Violin

Learning violin is challenging!Practicing and playing the violin regularly does a lot of good to adults and kids both mentally and physically. Some of the physical benefits are:

• Strengthens the upper body and the back

• Improves posture

• Aids in stronger arms, shoulders and biceps

• Fingers get quicker and faster

Some of the mental benefits are:

• Increase plasticity of the brain: The ability of the brain to modify and adapt to the learning of violin

• Relieves Stress

• Decreases depression and anxiety as well as reduces the feeling of loneliness

• Increased energy levels

• Increases muscle mass

• Strengthens and enhances the social connectivity with friends

Lastly, Learning has no age limit, if playing violin is in your bucket list start it soon!For those who enjoy music and want to purchase musical instruments online, check out these sweet Bajaao discount codes to make your day!

Happy learning and enjoy playing!

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