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When we thought the Smartphone wars had just begun with the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 3 & Nexus 5 along with the Xperia ZL, the big players have decided to get into a new venture. This time it’s an era of Smartness but only to be replaced by watches.

The age of smart watches has finally become a reality with Samsung launching its Galaxy Gear at the Samsung event in 2013 recently. Slowly to be followed was the Sony Smart Watch 2.0, an upgrade to its previous defunct version.

Lets take a close look at the devices:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Sony Smartwatch 2


1.63″ Super AMOLED

1.6″ Transreflexive LCD


320 x 320

220 x 176

Pixel Density (PPI)

(277 ppi)

(176 ppi)

Operating System




73.8 grams

122.5 grams


800 MHz



Exynos chipset

ARM Cortex M3





1.9MP, up to 10 seconds HD video recording











Estimated battery life

1 day

3 days


Yes, v4.0 LE

Yes, v3.0




Water resistant


Yes, IP57 certified

Scratch resistant




Android 4.3

Android 4.0 and up

Compatible Devices

Only Samsung

(any device)

Watch Colors



Samsung,being the market leader and one of the main pioneers in the growth of the smart phone market launched its Galaxy Gear, by far the fastest smart watch ever produced. Here is a quick specifications run-down.

It comes with a 320 pixel-wide square-shaped Super AMOLED touchscreen display with a pixel density of 277 PPI. However with only 315 mAh of battery life, the watch doesn’t run more than 10 hrs on a heavy continuous usage, although the company promises its user’s at least a day’s usage. So, if your Android version is below 4.3, you might be a bit disappointed.

Compared to other smart watches, the Gear used to just show notifications and not display the entire details on its 1.63’ Super AMOLED screen, which were addressed in its software update. However, now it allows all apps to display not only notifications, but also an entire preview of the message.

Overall, the Gear is one of the very few products from Samsung, which has received mixed reviews, but at around Rs. 24,000/- a piece, this smart watch is smarter than you think.

SONY, Akio Morita’s company known to be the innovation giant, recently launched its upgraded version SW2 or better known as Sony Smartwatch 2. Let’s have a look at the specifications.

The gadget sports a transflective LCD screen with a 220×176 resolution with a pixel density of 176 PPI. Smart Watch 2 uses both NFC as well as Bluetooth for connectivity, so it can be connected to any normal Android powered phones as well as high end Smart phones. The company promises at least 7 days of battery life, but even on heavy usage, this device can easily stay on for more than 32 hours.

The best feature of this watch is it’s IP57 certification, which means it is water, dust and scratch resistant & can be easily submerged under water upto a meter for 30 minutes. None of the other watches even come close to beating SONY on this stance.

As far as apps are concerned, Sony supports a variety of functions like Call handling (answer, reject, mute, volume handling), Missed call notification, SMS/MMS, Email, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Music remote extension/music handling and Calendar. It also supports a variety of 3rd party apps like Runtastic and various other which can be downloaded directly via Google Play.

Priced at just above Rs. 18,000/- it is easily the best bargain for your money.


If one has to just decide which device to choose as per specifications, surely the Samsung Galaxy Gear looks like a winner. Although Samsung Galaxy Gear offers the most number of features, in fact a lot of them may seem an overkill at first glance, but do you really need a camera on a watch? The Galaxy Gear is handicapped by the low battery life as compared to its peers and also compatibility with only Samsung Galaxy devices when other smart watches work with other Android devices is a bummer. Even with Samsung devices, the Gear is only expected to work with the latest Android powered higher end Samsung Galaxy devices.

Considering Sony Smartwatch 2 which is already in its second generation, it definitely has an advantage and the sense that it may have learnt, from its previous outing, what apps work and what don’t on a smartwatch. Sadly, apart from the water resistance and the transreflective screen, the Smartwatch 2 does not carry much of a wow factor in terms of specs.

Pricing however of these devices is a bit of a bother as all of them are hovering around the Rs 20,000 mark – a high price by any stretch of imagination. With an amount that high, you can afford another decent Smartphone with better specs than any of the given watches.

So it all boils down to what you are looking for in a smartwatch and that will ultimately influence your buying decision, whether its Samsung’s power or Sony’s durability.

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