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With the onset of summer, the first thing that comes to your mind is what to wear? It is times likes these that remind you of a need to refurnish your wardrobe with summer dresses. One who loves fashion and hates to go out ‘just like that’ knows the importance of different dressing in different seasons and pays due focus to that. They are particular in finding the right clothing along with other fashion accessories appropriate for each and every season.

Trendsetters try to be perfect on every occasion and manage to make heads turn and remain the talk of the room. But is being trendy heavy on your pockets? Well, you can have a trendy makeover of yourself this summer that too within your budget. Here are some budget-friendly fashion trends that are meant to help you flaunt the new ‘You’ this summer.

1. The Revamped Gingham Style

`Summer Trends Gingham Style

The little retro feeling that you would get while stepping out in this ever loved Gingham style dress could be an enjoyable experience for you this summer. This classic pattern has been loved by celebrities since ages, and most of us take pride in having one of these patterned dresses in our wardrobes too. For both men and women, Gingham style check fashion is never out of trend. It adds a very sweet and laidback feel to any outfit you wear. This is a welcome trend even for the hottest day of the season. The Gingham style is a favourite summer style made popular by stars like Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon. Since this style is available in all types of dresses starting from crop-tops to shorts to shoes to swimsuits, you being a fan of it is sure this summer. You may club it with a same pattern hat and footwear to look more cool and trendy and grab eyeballs wherever you go.

2. It’s the Statement Stripe’s Entry Again

Summer Trends Stripes

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Statements are arguably the most in-trend summer dressing patterns that one cannot afford miss having in the wardrobe. Whether in men’s wear or women’s, statement stripes have always stolen the show. If you want to push your style beyond the boundaries of black stripes you can try out Tees in navy blue bold stripes that create a mark in others eyes. Team it with plain casual shorts and finish it with leather sandals that would give you a revamped look this summer. Unknowingly or not you would be marked as the show stopper wherever you carry yourself in this outfit. Every light coloured stripe gives you a separate look, whether in light pink or light yellow, making you look as super cool as your personality.

For women, a long striped flared skirt or shorts are sure to give you a Riviera feel at any time of the day. By dressing up in a striped dress this summer you would be ensuring an elegant and effortlessly beautiful look at every occasion. Thin stripes are equally in-trend as thick stripes. If you’re planning to wear tees, club it with similar printed shorts and pass the vibe of the coolest fashion even in the hottest day of the season. Vertical, Horizontal or Asymmetrical, you would be a trendsetter in any stripe this summer.

3. Off Shoulders

Summer Trends Off Shoulders

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A special trend for women to be the coolest in the crowd is off-shoulder dresses. The smartness it carries is exclusive and you look stunning as well along with being casual. Whether you are out on a beach getaway or for dinner, nothing could give you a more summery look than a cool off-shoulder dress. The shoulder-baring frocks of light yet bright colours stand unmatched to any style this summer. Moreover, when you are looking for the budget as well as fashion, these dress patterns are unbeatable.

4. Get Punked in Knee-skimming Shorts

Summer Trends Knee Skimming Shorts

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With the memories of summer come the thoughts of shorts. Not a single summer day can be enjoyable without shorts in the wardrobe for you to wear. Knee-touching shorts can keep you in trend along with making that fresh breeze of air keep you cool on the hottest summer days. When you want legs to be breathable with something long, these Knee-skimming shorts are the best answers for your fashion. Clubbing the look with loafers can add up a tinge of spice to your look which is the best way to spice you up this summer.

5. Saunter about in baggy trousers

Summer Trends Baggy Trousers

For both men and women, baggy trousers still remain unparallel in fashion this summer. The more the variety of colours and patterns the trousers exhibit, the more you are bound to be a trendsetter in the crowd. A majority of designers, too, are going to bring in baggy trousers for both men and women this summer. If you are willing to invest in something casual, a well-tailored trouser with a slouchy cut can give you a revamped look for any occasion. Clubbed with a belted sandal and socks ensures a more cool look for anyone who is a fashion lover.

A word of advice

Fashion is that what you are from within. So first wear what you comfortable in wearing or carrying. And while choosing an outfit this summer, look for your comfort and ability to carry it with utmost smartness.

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