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Is the lockdown giving you quarantine blues with nothing productive to tweak your interest? Learning a new skill altogether may be time-consuming and require definitive commitment, so how about trying something that not just lifts your mood but also gets you earning some real money? Enter online rummy cash games.

Unlike the world economy melting down in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the online gaming industry has seen a remarkable rise in the number of new users and much higher engagement post lockdown. One obvious reason behind this upsurge is that online cash games in India like 13 cards Indian rummy are playing a part in alleviating the common mood of the young and the old alike.

Furthermore, gaming portals are responding with new games, tournaments, and attractive winnings to offer more value to players during this period of crisis. So, how can online rummy cash games in India change your state of mind amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

New variants, lucrative rummy promotions to bring in fresh players

Online rummy games are a convenient extension of the traditional version of 13 cards Indian rummy. Embellished with new features, exciting variants, and real cash prizes, it has uplifted the nature of the game completely.

Let’s check out some exciting features of online rummy cash games in India and understand how it has lifted the face of this skill-based card game for a new division of online rummy players.

Online Rummy Cash Variants

Online rummy portals essentially feature three exciting variants for dynamic gaming experience and you may play any or all of them according to your skillset. We shall shed some light on each one of them to help you select the kind that appeals to your skill-zone. Remember, all the variants of rummy cash games are typically played among 2-6 players with a standard 52 deck card.

Objective: The main objective of all 13 card variants of Indian rummy is to form valid combinations of sets and sequences and declare them first among all to become the winner. While a sequence is formed with serial numbers, a set is formed with numbers of the same rank. A joker is used to substitute any missing cards in your combination.

With that piece of info in mind, let’s check out the variants.

  1. Pool Rummy– A number based variant where the prize pool is formed by the combined entry fees of all participants. Pool Rummy is further halved into 2 kinds.
  • 101 Pool Rummy

An exciting points-based variant, any player who reaches 101 points will be automatically eliminated from the game and the last remaining player through this process is declared the winner.

  • 201 Pool Rummy

Same as the former, the only difference being any player who reaches 201 points is eliminated from the game and the remaining player at the end of the game wins the game.

  1. Best of X- Deals Rummy

This variant of online cash rummy games is played in the form of a set of 2 or 3 rummy games. A more mature form of online rummy cash games, Deals Rummy is typically played for an entry fee with a set number of chips that carry equal points and the aim is to win all the chips of your opponents.

Any player who loses all his/her chips gets eliminated and the winner receives double fruits! He/she gets the sum of all the entry fees of participants along with the total number of chip points of the losing players.

  1. Points Rummy

The most popular yet simpler form of online cash rummy games, Points Rummy is a one set points based game played typically among 2-6 players. All players strive to form valid sets and sequences and the player who makes a valid declaration first among all, wins the game with zero points.

RummyBaazi launches online cash games for INR 4 and tournaments worth 6 figures

An online rummy portal named RummyBaazi has been in the news for releasing exciting a bunch of offerings for the past one year since its inception. Each month, you can enjoy brand new online cash rummy games, free entry tournaments with real money winnings as well as cash rummy games featuring all three variants mentioned above.

Some of them worth mentioning are:

  1. Cash Rummy Games from INR 4!

Rummy fans can play cash rummy games of various stakes starting at INR 10 and buy-ins as low as INR 4 on the RB app. Simply download the RB app on your Android or iPhone and click on the app lobby to find games in all variants and listed stakes to get started immediately.

  1. Practice Rummy Games

Practice games are an excellent gateway game for new rummy players to learn the tricks of the trade and grasp the nuances of the game for free. Players are allotted a certain number of virtual chips instead of real money.

  1. Freeroll Online Rummy Tournaments

Freerolls are another offering aimed at both new and growing players who wish to polish their skills and win real money for economical buy-ins. Currently, RummyBaazi is hosting four 5K free entry tournaments at 9 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM, and 6 PM every day of the month. This translates into 25K worth of real money winnings every single day that goes up to a monthly total of over 7,00,000 real cash prizes, all up for grabs for no cost!

The online rummy portal further features high guarantee tournaments worth 6 figures for regular players who are looking to win big with their stellar skills. We suggest you join the online rummy party to kick-start your winning streak only on the best rummy portals that give you stellar value for your money.

See you at the tables!

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