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It seems an animation film is ‘the word’ at the moment in the family entertainment genre. With Frozen winning the best-film in Oscars, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman have been leading with number one position. In that case, would the sequel of animation film Rio (2011) get a second chance? Could Rio2 live up to its precursor? Let’s take a quick look.

A film by Fox Star Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha and Don Rhymer, the sequel will launch new attractions this time. This time, the amusing troupe of macaws includes Blu (voice-over by Jesse Eisenberg), Jewel (voice-over by Anne Hathaway), Nico (voice-over by Jamie Foxx), Pedro (voice-over by Will.i.am) and ace villain Nigel (voice-over by Jemaine Clement) will stumble upon Blu’s firm father-in-law Eduardo (voice-over by Andy Garcia), Jewel’s brawny ex-flame Roberto (voiced by Bruno Mars) and Nigel’s associate frog Gabi (voiced by Kristin Chenoweth).

The rare bluebird pair Blu and Jewel is happy with their three teenage chicks in the lively city of Rio de Janeiro. But sensing the kids – Bia, Carla, and Tiago – getting accustomed to humanly amenities like iPods and pancakes; vexes the raised-in-the-wild Jewel. And thus, she plans for a family trip to the Amazon forest.

Rio 2 | "I Will Survive" Trailer | 20th Century FOX

To Jewel’s pleasure and Blu’s discord, the duo gets to know that a flock of blue macaws exist there and are being tracked by Blu’s previous owner and animal lover, Linda (voice-over by Leslie Mann), and her husband, Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro). The journey of the macaws in rainforest progress from there on…

The coordinated dancing sequence of birds, amazing carnival scenes, catchy musical numbers, and quirky characters, when put together, makes a visual masterpiece. Rio 2 is an entertaining summer flick, which will keep you rapt for almost all of its 101 minutes.

So, if you’ve got a young sibling to take them along and get some brownie points!

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