emPOWERED – Another leap in wearable tech!

March 29, 2014 emPOWERED clutches 723 0 0

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Is your phone your life? Do you suffer battery issues with your phone when you most need it? Does your phone die on you or flash ‘low battery’ when you are out for a party and want to Instagram that ultra cool picture you clicked of your drink (but shows full battery when the boss calls)?

carry along charger purse @TheRoyaleIndia

If you have answered a yes to all these questions, then you, my friend, are not alone. All of us hate carrying those bulky chargers and wonder why there isn’t a messiah amongst us to invent something stylish. Well, all of our prayers have been answered in the form of ‘emPOWERED’.

Though not the first brand producing bags with chargers, emPOWERED babies are stylish, made of leather, has 11 different colour variations, can be used as a clutch or a cross body and have ample space! Ms. Loni Edwards, lawyer, Harvard graduate and the founder of emPOWERED said, ‘My phone was always running out of battery and I hated using heavy and bulky phone charging cases. I wanted something that seamlessly fit into my life so I started working on the perfect solution!’

Once when Ms. Loni’s phone died on her when she was out due to which she couldn’t contact any of her friends nor could she make her way back home. That’s when she started working on a solution. ‘It needed to be lightweight, spacious and versatile – something big enough to serve as your main bag, yet small enough to fit into a larger bag so you’d never want to leave home without it,’ she said. This bag comes with the charging wires which can charge all the possible iPhone models, all smartphones, Kindles, tablets, etc.

It takes about an hour to charge the battery to 100%. To recharge the bag, just plug the inbuilt wire to the computer or a wall socket, the brand is also working on a men’s collection. Priced at a cool $149, you can ask your Amreekan relatives to get you a couple (one for you and one for me, but obvious!) since these bags are still yet to hit the Indian market. Sigh! Can’t wait for them!!

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