Eminem hints about his next release

August 26, 2014 Eminem hints about his next release @TheRoyaleIndia 573 0 0

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Eminem has hinted many times about his next release about album ‘Shady XV’ through social media sites. The rapper and his collaborators have been tweeting the #SHADYXV hashtag since June on Facebook and Twitter besides he even wore a shirt that read “Shady XV” during the concerts in Comerica Park on Friday and Saturday as part of his “Monster” tour with Rihanna.

Sony Entertainment recently released a trailer of Denzel Washington’ s upcoming film, The Equalizer, featuring Em’s new single “Guts Over Fear” with Sia. The trailer ends with “Shady XV – Black Friday” note. This implies that Eminem’s new single, Shady XV album is very much likely to be released on black Friday i.e. November 28, 2014.

eminem @TheRoyaleIndia

Post this release, Eminem posted yet another short video with images of his career’s best hits and ending with the title of his upcoming album. During the past weekend, Shady XV, Black Friday and other trivia made a brief appearance on his official site but then they have been removed.

While it is yet to be official, the Eminem fans firmly believe that they will get to see the new album Guts over Fear on Black Friday.

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