Eat Right, Sleep Tight: 10 Foods to avoid before Going to Bed

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Looking for a good night’s rest? Here is a quick note on food to avoid before bedtime.

There’s no need to refute yourself from a late-night nibble if you’re really famished, but you can still consider smart ways to avoid eating late to have a healthy sleep.

What we prefer to devour before we go to bed can radically influence our sleeping patterns. There are a few foodstuffs, which can stimulate sleep, other foodstuff, mainly junk or fried food can give us disturbed nights though they satisfy your hunger pangs….

Finding it difficult to choose between a good night sleep and hunger pangs? Well, the option is yours to choose, a brief rundown on foods to avoid if you wish to have a restful sleep all throughout the night.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine @TheRoyaleIndia

Caffeine is a stimulant which makes you more alert. So, be careful before you consume a cup of coffee before night time for its effect is likely to last for at least 5 hours before wearing off!! Say good bye to coffee if you wish to have sound sleep.

Abstain Alcohol

Abstain Alcohol @TheRoyaleIndia

You may assume that a small amount of alcohol will put you to slumber, but the fact is that it will simply make you tired or make you pass out. Do not anticipate having a fine and refreshing sleep after consuming alcohol.

Shun Aerated Beverages

Shun Aerated Beverages @TheRoyaleIndia

Several people cannot do without their glass of cola post- dinner. Loaded with caffeine and sugar, they are likely to make you more awake than before. Try sleeping and notice you will wake up to visit the john a couple of times. Also, aerated beverages have zilch dietary value so they are no good anyways.

Reduce Spicy food

Reduce Spicy food @TheRoyaleIndia

Majority of the Indian fare is piquant and is one of the main sources which augment stomach acid resulting in heartburn and a feeling of discomfort. So prefer a slightly spicy food prior to bedtime or make sure that you have your spicy feast at least three hours before you hit the couch.

Cut down red meat

Cut down red meat @TheRoyaleIndia

Red meat is packed with fats and proteins and takes long time to digest. If you consume red meat prior to bed, your body will be active all night trying to assimilate it and consequently, cause discomfort or even spasm. Remember, we sleep to give our body the much required rest but will the red meat you have just consumed during dinner allow the body to rest?

Go Easy on Fried food

Go Easy on Fried food @TheRoyaleIndia

Fried food is an effortless means to limit hunger pangs, but remember before you go for them – they are high in saturated fats and take more time to digest. So, if you try to sleep after having them you could feel slightly distressed and uneasy. Why not try out reach out a fistful of nuts or veggies such as raw carrots to make you feel fuller especially when you are about to sleep?

Evade Chocolate bar

Evade Chocolate bar @TheRoyaleIndia

Chocolate bars are loaded with high sugar and fat, which are proved to make a person awake for a long time. Chocolate also has caffeine that is identified as stimulant. So, evade gorging on a bar of chocolate prior to bedtime.

Stay Away from Candies and Sweets

A portion or some bit of candy is typically a simple alternate before bed, but if you gorge a huge slice of chocolate cake, it will spike in your blood-sugar levels. Few studies states that people experience dreadful dreams after having junk food like candy bars, these candies are believed to activate terrifying brain waves. So, steer clear of cake, cookies, or other desserts as well as crackers or white bread before bedtime as they are loaded with carbs.

Ignore Ice-Creams

Ice-cream may be console foodstuff, but it is capable of having an adverse outcome when addicted to have it just before bed time. Ice-cream includes fat and sugar which could make you stay awake much later into the night. To top it off, studies reveal that having sugary foods prior to bedtime lead to nightmares and disturbed sleeping patterns.

Excess Fruits

A petite portion of fruits is considered perfect post-meal dessert, but if you set off extreme with fruits, you will have a restless night. This is for the reason that; fruits have sugar content that causes gas to develop, as this sugar ferments on the top of other foods in your abdomen. This leads to digestive disorders.

So what are you supposed to you eat? Just a small secret; If you are actually craving for such food, then you can include it once in a while. But bear in mind; don’t consume these foods regularly and before going to bed. Stays fit and have a good night sleep!!!

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