Easy to follow tips on how to click the coolest selfie !!

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Uploading the coolest of selfie across your social media’s ids has very well become the rage of the town. In the literal sense, selfie means an image of self-taken through a smartphone camera and is posted on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Apart from relating to the real you, a selfie taken with friends and colleagues do have a lot to relate to especially if they are shared within your circles or even publicly.

Currently, clicking an impressive selfie is most of us are trying to master but in case you short at it, a few handy tips could ease out the pressure!! ( if you are quite active on social media)

selife with actress Tina Majorino @TheRoyaleIndia

From your personal end –

  • For a realistic selfie, its best to keep on your normal and relax smile, you could even add a twinkle in your eyes by imagining your favorites… the idea here is to look totally happy and blissful… Try to avoid looking at duck faced. Avoid posing or becoming conscious.
  • Stretching a few your facial muscles just a few minutes before clicking you selfie could help.
  • Avoid crossing your arms or flexing them as they could turn out to look thicker than they normally are.
  • Keep a decent distance between yourself and the camera, in most cases, it will be your outstretched hand but you need to be sure of the result. Be wary, if the distance is not maintained, your selfie could reveal a strained face.
couple clicking selfie @TheRoyaleIndia

From the technical end –

  • Using flash, distance is vital here again. If your selfie is clicked from a near distance, it could carry a yellow hue or blow out your features or even blur your face.
  • Choosing the right background – this is important if you are posting it relating to an event or excursion, make sure it relates to your status or the tweet or your profile – how about a backdrop of a theater if on a movie date or palace if touring a popular travel destination or attending a social event.
at work selfie @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Ideally, go for a smartphone camera which is equipped with a higher resolution back-facing camera for that gives enough leverage to click a good self-image. A front-facing camera is an absolute no-no for you run the risk of looking slightly wider than what you actually are, especially your facial features.
  • Let the smartphone camera rest on something and set the timer to shoot rather than holding it. You could look around for something handy and mobile depending upon the location and occasion. Hope your presence of mind works overtime and you get your camera tripod ready in no time.
  • Pay extra attention to lighting, though natural light works best at daytime, you could click one when facing an open window. Just check out how natural light softens your facial features and gives your selfie a softer look. You could even explore other angles of light by turning slightly, either way, depending upon the exact direction of light.
  • Don’t be in hurry to post the image, use a couple of image editing apps which are loaded on your smartphone, enhance your selfie before you post. You could add a vignette, blend a couple of images together, polish up your skin tone slightly – there your selfie is ready to be posted.
selfie with Ricky Gervais @TheRoyaleIndia

Never to miss an opportunity –

  • Selfie with celebrities and great personalities can be called a stroke of luck. Be savvy and quick enough to request the celebrity for a pose and just make your day and the selfie, the most memorable one. You can’t let go of such once in a lifetime opportunities, can you?

Selfies which have been most talked about include Ellen DeGeneres’ latest selfie at the Oscars 2014 was retweeted 2,408,036 times while it recorded 1,71,527 favorites followed by the one taken by President Barack Obama at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, his selfie included him along with UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark Prime Minister.

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