E-commerce marketplace of Walmart in India soon

June 16, 2014 E-commerce marketplace of Walmart in India soon @TheRoyaleIndia 555 0 0

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First week of July, 2014 will have Wal-Mart launched its business-to-business e- commerce platform launched in cities of Lucknow and Hyderabad in India. India Chief Executive Officer Krish Iyer confirmed that the sales through the firm’s e-commerce service will be available only to its trader members. The company has plans to roll out this service to other cities but not for another six months at least.

Last year, Walmart had called off its six-year old alliance with Sunil-Mittal-led Bharti group and is extending the B2B e-commerce platform to members of its Best Price Modern Wholesale stores which would provide them with a convenient online shopping opportunity.

Currently, Walmart operates 20 wholesale cash-and-carry stores under the name ‘Best Price Modern Wholesale’ brand. Cash-and-carry stores are different from the other general stores. An individual cannot simply walk in and buy stuff in such stores.

Since India restricts global online retailers from selling their products directly to consumers, the e-commerce service will be available only to its trader members only. The trader members of Best Price Stores will be able to buy products online and enjoy doorstep delivery up to a distance of 40 km.

For shopping at Best Price Modern Wholesale stores, customers need to become their members for whom they should provide a valid business license and other essential commercial documents. The Best Price Modern Wholesale format is best suited for hotels, restaurants, offices along with family owned stores and other businesses that stock up goods in bulk quantities.

Currently, the world’s largest retailer, Walmart has 20 wholesale outlets in India, including in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

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