Do’s And Don’ts Of Dressing Up For A Job Interview

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No doubt your resume is carefully drafted, you have revised all the possible questions that an interviewer can ask and have the perfect combination of skills and experience. So there is no way that you will not get the job, right? Maybe not! Sloppy dresses, overdone makeup and improper grooming can sabotage even your most outstanding job prospects. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression. The way you dress up speaks a lot about your maturity level, decision-making, confidence, how seriously you take up work and so much more.

When dressing up perfectly for an interview is so crucial, why to take it lightly? In this article we have rounded up a few tips to make perfect dressing for a job interview a tad easier for you ladies:

1. Dress For Success

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When attending a job interview, consider going conservative rather than fashionable. Let your accomplishments do the talking. So, going for a basic pantsuit, skirt suit or even cotton sarees in neutral or light shades (of course not the glamorous ones) should be your ideal choice.

A crisp cotton shirt paired with a well-ironed trouser can be one of the safest dress choices for most entry-level to mid-level jobs in the majority of job sectors (except lawyers, corporates, CA firms, etc.).

2. Do Consider The Industry

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You must be aware that different industries have different dress codes for their employees. The same is true and acceptable for the applicants who come for interviews. For corporates, it is best that you dress up in a formal pantsuit or skirt suit; but if you are visiting a PR agency or advertising firm, you can definitely opt for some interesting patterns without going over-the-board.

3. Shades to Choose

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Ladies! Stay away from all flashy colours. This means, give your pink, purple, neon and similar shades a break and opt for royal blue, browns, black, navy blue coloured pantsuits and pair them up with a white, off white or other light coloured blouse or shirt.

4. Makeup Or No Makeup?

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When attending an interview, opt for understated makeup. Those red cheeks and a bold kohl look great for a get-together with friends, clubbing and parties. But they are a Big No when it comes to job interviews. Sleek and nicely done hair looks crisp and neat. Also, take care to nicely manicure your nails and paint them in neutral shades.

5. Accessories

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You might be in love with those chunky pieces of jewellery, but take my advice and leave them in your closet while dressing up for an interview. Instead, pick out a piece or two of matching accessories such as a wrist watch and a jewellery piece (earrings or may be your wedding ring).

6. Pick The Right Handbag

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“We, women, will usually not go wrong with choosing the right handbag for such a crucial formal setting. But, while you want to carry both a briefcase and a handbag, you must not. Instead, carrying a nice and sophisticated folder along with a leather handbag is by far a better choice. Searching for an elegant handbag online can be great idea, and when using Jabong coupons, it can be way easy on your pocket.”

7. Shoes Do Not Lie!

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Remember the old proverb, “a man’s character can be easily judged from his shoes”? So, do invest in quality shoes and keep them well-polished. If you are someone who does not wear stilettoes on a very regular basis, then stay away from them on the day of your interview. Tripping in front of an interviewer will not be a very desirable sight, isn’t it? Small heeled smart shoes will do the job perfectly for you.

While we have discussed the things that you must do for an interview, here is the list of things you must certainly avoid:

Going Casual: While it is said that with a pair of blue jeans and a white top you can never go wrong, try wearing it for a job interview and see what happens? In short, never ever do that!

Bright nail paints: Yes, those peach, pink, moss green and wine red shades look gorgeous on your nails, but when going for an interview, just give them a break and opt for something subtle.

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Ill-fitted clothes: Nothing can sabotage your impression more than ill-fitted clothes. Be sure of what looks best on you and when in doubt, do take advice from your friends and family.

Now that you have read so many tips about what to do and what not to do while dressing up for a job interview, I am sure your accomplishments and appearance will always be in sync and help you ace that opportunity!

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